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I am not a glutton , I am an explorer for food”

We often plan our trips and we always make sure that we binge on to the specialty of the foods there. This 2016 we discovered a place that gives you a chance to simply stay at your home country and still enjoy all the delicacies from all over one country, Thailand.

And you can enjoy this place for your Valentine’s too! It’s none other than Neung Roi by Raddison Blu Plaza.
Before we tell you about the place and the delicacies , let’s tell you about the authentic Thai food. Surely, we all have been having Thai food since the time it has taken over it’s reigns in India but many of us still wish to know the real basics.

About Thai Cuisine

The Thai cuisine enjoys a reputation of creating a balance between flavors. It’s about the balance between the contrasting flavors yet giving a homely touch. To highlight more, the Thai food is purely about the fresh and pure herbs along with the right blend of the spices.

About Neung Roi

Before we give you the details about this lavish date place to you , let us admit that the place will woo not just your hear but your mind and soul too.

A Quick Fact before we Proceed: Neung Roi means 100 in Thai and has been named after the 100oC East longitude, which runs through Thailand.




The Dim Lit place is a color of joy. It is furnished with a Golden, Yellow and Woody textured arena. In a phrase we would say , the place is a “Delightful Harmony” to spend your time. The place will simply soothe your mind it’s an experience to cherish for a lifetime. (That’s why we feel you should be here during Valentine’s)

Neung roi detail shot without model (1)Cuisine:

The Concept of the Thai food here is known as the Sum Rap Thai which means a unique blend of various components that comes out to be among the finest of the dishes.

Now let’s talk about What we Ate

Salads: We personally love to binge on to salads. The reason is not health but off course it’s our personal choices.

  1. Yam Som-O: The First Salad with the crispy yumness of Onions, Palm sugar and garlic was tossd with tamarind. Also, known as the Pomelo Salad , this dish is among the favorite eats for the tourist when on a trip to Thailand. But Neung Roi has scaled it and nailed it with their Thai Chef’s at the Fine Dine itself. Also, those who do not know what is Pomelo , it’s a Giant Grapefruit.
  2. Yam Mamuang: Raw mango with Cashew nuts, yes taht’s what it it. Importing the fresh Raw Mango’s on a weekly basis , Neung Roi sets the quality apart for this salad and we must say that this one’s our FAVORITE salad. This Thai green mango salad is a bliss of the juicy raw mango’s shredded with the love of Chilli and Lime.

Starters:  There can nothing better than the quintessential starters to begin with at a place that serves 100 Dishes. And that’s how we too began …

  1. Tod Man Khao Pod: The Crispy Corn Fritters with Chilli sauce. Corn Kernel Fritters are generally considered to be the seasonal summer treats in Thailand and is made with the easy pantry ingredients.
  2. Pla Phad Khing: How about having a Wok Fried Fish along with crispy ginger and Black Mushrooms? Already having a mouth watering feeling? Yes, you out to try this dish when you are at Neung Roi.
  3. Krachai Gab Goong: If you are a Prawn lover then this is the dish you’ve to lay your hands on. The best part about the prawns here is that they do not have any pungency. That’s what we call a Smart Cooking. The authentic Stir fried prawns with shallots is gingerized to make your taste buds feel the yummy feeling.
  4. Gai Yang: Most of we meat lovers look for the best Chicken. As per our observation , this is the first ever Chicken that is different from the usual Thai Dine-ins. It’s Authentic yet again! This Grilled chicken is garnished with coriander roots and is toppled with the best Roasted Chilli Sauce to give you a delightfulinsight! 
  5. Gai Hor Bai Toey : This one’s going to excite your visuals and taste senses too ! It’s the Deep fried Chicken wrapped in Pandanus leaves. Take a look …

Main Course: Here is what you need to know , Thai dishes are the Bite sized pieces with various spices and basil being the secret ingredient in a few dishes.

  1. Phad Pak Kiew : Vegetarians often complain for not having options when they go out to munch or Lunch. But we feel , Veggies have the best options and this dish proves it all. Stir fried kale with morning glory, pokchoy, soya bean sauce, garlic & pepper is what we call to be Phad Pak Kiew. Vegetarian’s Hail!
  2. Gaeng Kiew Wan Pak : We all have been boasting about the Thai Red Curry but have you ever tried the blissful Green Thai Curry ? If not then this is it ! This dish is all about the Mixed vegetables in Thai green
    . And we LOVED IT!

  3. Gai Kraprow: Here come’s Basil with Chicken! Gai Kraprow is the Minced Chicken with long beans, hot basil & Chilli. Very accurately blended fresh herbs and spices, that will make you wish to have it more and more.
  4. Pla Sam Rod: Fish Lovers need not worry as the 100 Dishes have the yummy Fishes too ! This crisp fried fish in three flavor sauce is a bliss to enjoy. Sumptuousness Unleashed!

Desserts: The Best part of our lives is to be sweet and have something sweet to make things sweeter in life!

  1. Tub Tim Krob: Starting with our favorite dessert at the latitude land of 100’s , Water chestnut in coconut jasmine syrup is what we loved. We have always loved the usual water chestnut Thai desserts but this one’s special with the aroma of Jasmine Syrup.
  2. Khao Niew Mamuang: A nice and happy treat, the Sticky rice with fresh mango & coconut cream is a lite bite and is Right Sized too.
  3. Kanom Tom: The Most Blissful Dessert in town, yes that’s Right! Jaggery stuffed Pandanus Glutinous Rice Dumpling with coconut is the most soothing dessert ever. WE CAN VOUCH FOR THIS ONE.

Our Rating: 5/5


  1. Date place has to set you in the mood with the best and authentic food
  2. Do try the Salads, they not just have one, two or three but many.
  3. Desserts are a delight and you cannot miss them when at Neung Roi.

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  1. ROBERT LEE says:

    First of all, I have to say, WOW. The place looks so amazing.

    Does the food give justice to the beautiful interior design?

    The photos certainly make it look that way. Desired objective accomplished. I am craving and there’s gotta be Thai food somewhere nearby here.

  2. Prerna Sinha says:

    I think you are an explorer of a unique kind…that’s why we gel so well! It looks like all the happening food places are in Delhi only. The pictures are making salivate….lucky you!

  3. Paddy says:

    I love Thai food. I never get the chance to eat any though. I need another trip to Bangkok. I would like to try the Gai Yang. Great descriptive article and excellent photographs.

  4. Sabine says:

    I’m getting hungry here. The pictures make me wanna try out that food. It’s too bad I’m so far away. It reminds me of the restaurant in the Banyan Tree Ras al Khaimah, UAE. Anyone been there?

  5. Elle Strange says:

    Gosh the places looks very cozy and elegant. And the food! It looks so tasty! Y’all lucky you able to get to go and taste them!

  6. Now I am thinking of a nice dinner date with all these scrumptious thai food. I love the Yam wunsen kung because I love prawns and glass noodles!

  7. Alison says:

    All I can think about right now is Thai food! This place looks amazing! When I vacation I always think about what we are going to eat and if I make it to Thailand then this is definitely on my list!

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