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Navarasas Aromatherapy Essentials (Review)

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Humid , Sunny , Rainy and so much of dust …!

I am too bad with my immune system. Yesterday afternoon when I was busy figuring out what Spa Therapy should be done with my cold and cough and my super tired body , the door bell rang.

I had got something in my mail box. What was it ? I was as keen as a little child and mobbed the complete stuff before my sister could lay her hands on it. (She tends to take all the cool things away from me)


It was the Navarasas essentials which came all the way to embrace me with sipo much of love when I was sneezing with so much cold and cough.


With the beauty industry taking over the cruelty free and aromatherapy products , most of us gave become very keen to switch to the natural essential oils  to get a healthy skin. After all who doesn’t wish to look younger !

When these oils prove to be not just the beauty essentials but your health essentials too , you would not want to waste your long hours at the Spa Treatments when you have all the access to it right at your doorstep.

Navarasas essential oils do fulfill the theory of treating the complete body and not just a single ailment.

1. Handwash

Super care formulated with anti bacterial essential oils, hand wash by navarasas is amazing for kids and adults both.  

2. Body Oil

Aroma therapy with this essential oil has been too rejuvenating. I recommend it on a scale of 5/5. A must in your monsoon list !  

3. Breathe oil

I used it twice in a day. Once in the noon and once before going to bed. I must say it’s made me “Breathe easy”  


On a scale of 10 we would rate these aroma therapy products with a dot 10.

In the increasing aromatherapy products not all can do wonders. But navarasas has been topping the charts.  Strategically priced, Navarasas products are for all. Also, you may check the price details and the varieties on their website .

As monsoon is a season which gets diseases along, we recommend these three products to be in your monsoon must haves 

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