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Mungraru Mallige by Sand Soapaholics (Review)


They Love My Hair and I love them Too…” 😎

This weekend was amazing as I had a lot to cover up. In the mean time when I was at field work covering Ramdaan at Jama Masjid, Old Delhi , there was something waiting for me at my home.

Too much of work and you hair becomes dull and frizzy in the baking sun. I was yearning to go for a Hair Spa…!

But as I reached home and saw a bundle of things waiting for me in my Mail Box. Thankfully there was something for my Hair too.


Product :- Mungraru Mallige Shampoo Scone

About the Product:– At first when I saw the product and read about it in the given pamphlet. It is a Handmade , cruelty free Shampoo in the form of a Soap cake.

I was reluctant and hesitant at first. My thoughts were “How can a soap work on my hair?” . Well, we all are in love with our hair as it works as a look enhancer on our face throughout our lives. I AM WAY TOO POSSESSIVE ABOUT MY HAIR…!


USAGE AND REVIEW:- Upon using the Tri-colored shampoo scone i saw a god amount of lather with just two swipes of the soap on my hair. (I certainly remembered my childhood days when my Shampoo bottles used to get over and I had to use Lux or Johnsons Baby Soap for my hair cleansing). Those soaps were harsh but for the Mungraru Mallige , It made my hair feel super soft with a great aroma of Lemon and Jasmine. Soft and Lustrous hair, It feels better than a spa that takes 1-2 hours. And this hair cleansing shampoo scone just took 10 minutes. I LOVED IT!

P.s I have a combination hair (Oily and Dry)

For Best Results , Use a Conditioner to De-tangle and keep a moisture-lock for your hair. I used KAMA AYURVEDA ‘s LAVENDER PATCHOULI CONDITIONER


PRICE :- 465 INR for 1 Scone

The Indian Version of Lush Cosmetics, I feel Sand Soapaholics is much better than Lush and is strategically priced. Hand made with natural oils and natural ingredients , I would rate this product a 10 on 10.


FINAL VERDICT:-  Chemical free, the Tri-Color Mungraru Mallige  Shampoo scone is a Natural Hair Food and is Highly Recommended by the Capers Rouge Team!

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