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Molecular Drinks at Barcelos (Review)


“Drinks For Your Eyes”
The food tasting at Barcelos forthe Molecular Drinks has proved it all right for their newly launched Molecular Drinks. They really are the “Drinks For Your Eyes


Location and Theme: Started in South Africa, traditional Portuguese theme based Barcelos is Located at the heart of Khan Market, New Delhi. They offer a diverse cultural range including Arabic Cuisine to tease your taste buds. 



Molecular Mixology is an upcoming concept in India and Barcelos has landed in style with the paparazzi’s. Just like the Indian Blockbuster style!


Following are the newly launched Drinks

Molecular Mocktail Drinks 

1. Hey Rosey (Ladies Love)

 The Aroma of Rose with the Frizz does a great justice and we can tag it as the Ladies Drink.

2. Tangy Mango (Desi Vibe)

Yearning for the Indian Style Golgappas with Aam Panna? Served with a slice of Mango , Tangy Mango is the Drink to beat the Summers.

3. Kiwi Kooler (Exotic Blend)

This drink is what we would like to say is a “Perfect Blend” of all the summers drinks. Diced Kiwis with Sips is a refreshness to yearn for!

4. Peachy Ice Tea (Fruity Punch)

Ice Tea is a common drink in India. But introducing the “next level” Molecular Iced Tea by Barcelos has won our hearts. Steeped Ice Tea with Tooth Picked Peaches are the real Fruity Punch served gracefully.

5. Rosey Blackcurrent Blast (Berry Blast)

Rosey and a Rose is all for Ladies. The Kick of Blackcurrent with a Blend of Rose made us go drool. Ladies shall get going Sassy!

6. Peachy Nutty (Peach Plush)

Peachy yet Plushy, peachy nutty is a sweet tinge to the taste buds. Munching on to the hand picked peaches is the Best way to beat the parchedness this summers


The Following two platters were the jamming Jose of the lunch date :-

1. Veg Platter

For the Veggies , our favourite was the Tofu and the Nutty potato roll. The Potato with the hint of Peanut is a new taste to indulge with. We would rate it to be a 5 on 5 bingo meal. Portuguese Spices are on a Roll !

2. Non Veg Platter

Non Vegetarian  Lovers, anything you cant miss will be the wholesome goodness that this platter serves you with. Ranging from succulent and juicy chicken wings to the drumsticks to the boneless bonanza! This platter is again a bonanza in itself. Anauthentic Portuguese  cuisine for the Indians!

:-  Barcelos is a fine Dine-in with a Modern Rustic Look and a wholesome feel good African Music. So Soothing !

This place is a Bang on , Go On , Hog On !

Barcelos India is a must  to visit.

No Disappointments Guaranteed ! 


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