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You have your Brush, You have your Colors, You paint paradise, then in you go


Painting your house to make the place feel like “home” is all you need when you step into a new place. Not every Paint Product can make you feel home with its color texture, is environment friendly and most importantly make your HOUSE feel like a HOME … a Beautiful Home..!


British Paints is one such Brand that makes your walls do all the talking. They recently carried out a successful Twitter Influencer Outreach Program executed on 16th Sept’15 which was based on British paints TVC seeding as well as contest around the hashtag #MissedCalls

There was a generous participation from the “Twitter Bugs”. The contest was Viral from the Vintage!


We saw the advertisement TV Commercial and personally loved the quirkiness they’ve used regarding the conceptualization of “Missed Calls”


Have a Look :-



Our Favorite Highlight of the TVC :- The closing  , ” Beta Yeh Missed Calls Nahi, Yeh Toh Miss Ki Calls Hain…!


Keep Painting…  what if you get  #MissedCalls from any Miss !



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