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Matar Paratha (Peas Stuffed Paratha)


Being Indian at heart and on tongue is all about what is your favorite.

We often run away from the greens. This is one of the best ways to have your greens in the right amount.

Today we have the recipe of Peas or Matar Paratha. It’s a stuffed Indian bread made with whole wheat. Here you go with the recipe

Serves 1

Hand on Time : 3 Minutes

Total Time : 10 Minutes

1 cup of boiled Peas

1 cup chopped onions

1 cup Green Chillis Chopped

Salt to taste

Pat of Butter

Mint Sauce


1. Prepare the peas stuffing by adding peas, onions , Chillis and salt to taste. Mash the mixture wearing a pair of golves or with clean hands.

2. After you’re done with the stuffing mixture it’s time to roll your chapati. Roll one whole wheat chapati and spoon it with a lot of stuffing  (on the chapati). (Good 3 spoons)

3. Make one more chapati and overlap it on the one that is ready. This way you can give it a nice stuffed filling.

4. To close your paratha you need to press your chapati with a fork at the ends of it.

5. Heat up a pan and add a little oil or ghee to it. Place your paratha on the pan and let it cook.

6. Twirl the other side and see if you need a little more oil.

7. Serve it by cutting it into pizza shaped slices with a pizza cutter or with a knife.

8. Use a pat of butter on each slice and mint sauce for plating!

9. No more steps.. You’re ready to hog !
Happy hogging
Stay green and keep your stomach healthy and clean !

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  1. Madhukar Priya says:

    Its good…but can we cook the fillings with a little oil and a pinch of haldi and corrionder before we stuff?

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