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Mango Smoothie

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Holy Summers, You kill my vibe and make us thirsty all the while.

Mango Smoothie Recipe is something that confuses many when it comes to the ingredients part.

Today we will discover and share the kiss of good health, your Mango Smoothie Recipe to chill out in the summers.

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Serves 1

Hand on Time : 2 Minutes

Total Time : 5 Minutes


1 Tray Ice Cubes

1 cup Mashed Mangoes

1 cup Castor Sugar

1 cup Yogurt

Pinch of Grounded Cinnamon



1. Add the listed Ingredients, Ice Cubes, Mashed mangoes, Yogurt and Castor Sugar in a Blender

2. Blend them thoroughly

3. Serve it chilled and Garnish it with a pinch of grounded cinnamon

4.Slurp it up!

From the Expert Box: Cinnamon acts as a Diet suppressant and helps you keep your sugar and insulin levels in control!

Be Smoothie !

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