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Maggie Noodles Alternatives

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“Maggie in a Soup” … Too much of a headline of the past week! Oomph…!

While the whole nation is weeping over Maggie getting banned in India , it’s time to roll the dice and decide a few crazy yet yummy tummy alternatives for Maggie Noodles!

After all Maggie is going to be out of the shelves … Tch tch… *Sigh*

We hope Maggie will be back soon! Until then let’s take some lip smackers that are somewhat going to be a Maggie filler for us.

Craving your Maggie Noodles ? Here we present you the best Maggie Noodles alternatives for “Taste bhi, health bhi” …

Noodle Alternative the Noodle way!

1. Macaroni : Mac and Cheese

2. Pasta : Mused with love

3. Soup : Drill my REAL Veggies

4. Chinese Sauté : semi bhel (No Jhol)

5. Spaghettini

6. Glass Noodles

7. Vermicelli

8. Rice Noodles

9. Pad Thai noodles

10. Thupka (soupy noodles)

Any more suggestions ? Please feel free to give us your suggestions in the comment box below !

Time to go maggying the new trip…!

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