L’Opéra launches a sumptuous selection of Easter specialties including a dome shaped chocolate cake and an array of Easter chocolates.

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L’Opéra, on the occasion of Easter, has launched a selection of white, dark and milk chocolates in playful shapes and a dome shaped delicacy; soft, velvety chocolate enveloping crème brulée mousse and dark chocolate.

L’Opéra is the first authentic French Pastry and Bakery enterprise in India

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This year, L’Opéra brings you the very best chocolate can offer for Easter. “During this festivity celebrating the resurrection of Christ,” says Laurent Samandari, L’Opéra’s co-founder and managing director, “I find it befitting to use chocolate, whose scientific name Theobroma literally means ‘food of the gods’,” he remarks. “Gifting eggs is a very old tradition that symbolizes, in line with the resurrection, a rebirth and represents renaissance and revival; this is why we’ve also crafted elegant bird-shaped chocolates,” he goes on.

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The dome shape, representing something transcendental, has been a part of many ancient cultures for many years,” L’Opéra’s Executive Chef Cédric Houzé explains. “And so it makes sense to launch this dome-shaped chocolate cake during Easter,” he tells us.

L’Opéra’s delicacies are made with the finest quality Belgian chocolate and with pleasing shapes. “This Easter, L’Opéra is happy to resurrect your passion for chocolate!” comments Laurent

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