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Lopera Goes Breads !


“Dear Bread… You’re a Wizard”

Breads are an essential part of the French lifestyle. Dated back to 3000 years, it is among the loved culinary creations, and L’opera team certainly knows how to create best. This month L’Opéra India launched the finest range of freshly baked french breads at the Indian capital. Introducing the hottest of the varieties like those of the traditional Baguette, Pain de Campagne and Pain Paysan, are among a few to name.

Here are the delightful French Breads that you must try at L’Opéra (With Cheese)

  1. Pain De Campagne


French “Country Bread”, prepared with with Sour Dough is a creation of the traditional and rye flour. Crispy with a strong this is a traditional French bread. Eaten with strong cheese, grapes and walnuts, this one’s a savory.

2. Pain Paysan (Peasant Bread)


The name of this bread “Pain Paysan” was framed after World War II. It’s all about the sour dough with ancestral baking techniques.

3. Baguette


The most renowned French Bread worldwide , this one’s consumed more for breakfast along with jam, or for snacking.  Also, french love to have it as a dinner portion along with cheese and soup. Prepared overnight and baked early morning to maintain its freshness levels, this bread is long in shape.

4. Multigrain Bread


Goodness of grains like those of Flaxseed, rye, oats, sesame, sunflower seeds and so much more…. this bread is rich in nutrients, like those Omega 3 as well as vitamins. Thus, a healthy option for all!

5. Pumpernickel Bread


This whole wheat cereal bread traces it’s origin from Germany. Mingled with salty butter and often combined with smoked salmon or oysters, this bread has a great shelf life.

6. Cereal Bread 


The cereal bread is liked for its healthy properties. It is rich in fibres, mineral nutrients like Omega 3, and vitamins. This bread is particularly good for digestion. It is eaten fresh as a side dish, with a salad, or with cheese.

7. Olive Bread


Olive bread is the traditional fougasse from the region of Provence. This one bread is a perfect pick for the side dish along with freshly chopped salad.

8. Glutten Free Breads


Baked in a perfect required environment along with Gluten, this one’s not suitable for people  allergic to glucose. But is a yummness to your needs.

9. Milk Bread


This soft white bread is a little sweeter than the traditional breads. It is ideal, fresh or toasted, for sandwiches or with

10. Grenoblois Bread


Coming all the way from city of Grenoble, this one’s  a subtle mix of flour, along the company of walnuts and raisins. We love this one !

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