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L’Opera Choco-Berry d.’Amour Valentine’s Day Cake


L’Opéra launches a heart-shaped Choco-Berry d.’Amour Valentine’s Day Cake

L’Opéra has created the Choco-Berry d’Amour for Valentine’s Day, to make this special day extraordinary.


“Airy milk chocolate with strawberry mousse enveloping lychee and berry jelly, placed upon a pistachio base”, describes L’Opéra’s Executive Chef Cédric Houzé. “Doesn’t that sound like love to you?”, he asks.

L’Opéra is the first authentic French Pastry and Bakery enterprise in India with 12 outlets.

This year, with the Choco-Berry d’Amour. L’Opéra has given a heart shape to a unique combination of great ingredients: milk chocolate, a favorite of many from time immemorial; strawberries, the seasonal fruit of love par excellence; lychee, one of the most floral and fragrant fruits around, and pistachio, with its nutty, balancing taste.
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“It is the season for strawberries,” gladly announces L’Opéra’s Executive Chef Cédric Houzé. “And, just like love, they are sweet, enchanting and invigorating,” he goes on.

“During this endearing time of the year, it is important to remember how important our bonds with our loved ones are,” says Laurent Samandari, Co-Founder and Managing Director of L’Opéra. And he adds “L’Opéra is after all the the brainchild of the love and passion of my family and myself for French culinary culture.” The reputation for high quality and authenticity that L’Opéra enjoys in Delhi is a testament to the depth of Laurent’s passion.

“This Valentine’s Day,” remarks Laurent, “celebrate with l’amour.”

Available at All- L’opera outlets


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  1. Monish says:

    life is not but an opportunity for love to blossom. Strawberries and chocolates combination is a killer.

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