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LA SKIN : Love Thy Skin!

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Being the beautiful woman you’ve always wanted to be, here are a few tips through the centuries!

Which woman does not want to be as beautiful as possible?

If you take sometime to search around history then you will see that most women have always being trying to find different methods to maintain their skin young and beautiful. Unfortunately beauty plays a very important role in our day to day activities.

How many times have you heard of an incident during which a woman was rejected from a job simply because she did not have the looks?



The truth is that most women are much rather being judged by their looks. However, this is something that has been around for centuries and it is not going to change any time soon.

For that reason, for us girls who want to be in our best game every single day, we need to make sure that we take extra good care of ourselves and our skin. And the way for us to accomplish this is by simply following a few tips that have been around for as long as the idea of beauty has been around.


Using the right tips is important


What most women, however, want to know is how can you tell the good tips from the bad? How can you tell that they will work.

Well, the truth is that every woman has a completely different skin. You cannot possibly hope to have the same results with another by using a medical face cream that was not designed for your kind of skin. The same idea applies here.

You will not have the results you have wanted if you are using all the generic tips without focusing on your type of skin.


It is of course almost impossible for us to include all the different tips for all the different types of skin in one article. Therefore, we will give the generic tips that work for everyone. And the ones you should definitely make sure that you follow.


A few ideas to get you started


Starting of we will give you the oldest rule in the book, and the easiest one.


Have a good night sleep!

There is nothing more important for a woman than having a good night sleep in order for her skin to rejuvenate. No matter who you ask, your mother, your grandmother or even you doctor, they will tell you the same thing. Make sure that you rest a fair amount every night. It will do wonders for your skin and your mood in general. Important fact. You need to make sure that you sleep at least eight hours every night. But it has to be at night time not sometime within the day. Your skin is going to get all the attention possible in the right time.

Pretty young girl with skin puzzle illustration on gradient background

The second and also really old trick in the book is to make sure that you clean your face on a daily basis.

Clean water will be enough!

Of course, natural products like for example a soap specifically designed for the face could help. The tip however, is here. You need to make sure that you do not wipe your face with a towel that other members of your family use. The best solution for you would be to either keep a fresh towel somewhere just for your face or to use paper towels that you will discard later. Simply tap your face a few times with the paper towel to remove most of the water running down your face and then simply let it dry.


Now if you keep searching the web then you will definitely find countless of different tips your your skin. You may have tried most of them and you realized that they did not work. That is simply because you used something that was not good for your skin.


Act according to your type of skin


If, for example, you have fair skin then you need to make sure that you do not expose it the sun. The sun rays will destroy your skin cells before you even know it. You will end up with ugly marking all over and you will have no idea how to get rid of them. The right path for you to follow would be a really good sunscreen, perhaps a hat and of course as minimum exposure as possible.


The last tip we can give you is to make sure that you ask a person close to you that knows a thing or two about beauty. We do not mean a friend of course. But if you have noticed that your grandmother or the grandmother of a friend of yours looks surprisingly young and that’s when you’ve felt the need to ask her for tips.


Remember that all those products we use today were not always around. If there is one person that will be able to give you some natural tips on how you can protect your skin from the sun or how you can even make you own face cream then it is definitely a person who has used these methods before and is an expert.


Make sure that you get all the information possible before you start using any method in order to keep you skin young and beautiful. You do not want any unpleasant surprises coming your way. And do not forget that, the more natural the way, the better it will work!

For more details you can get in touch with the best Cosmologist and the dermatologist in town LA SKIN

About LA Skin


LASKIN is a highly specialized medical facility, incepted with a vision to establish world class centers for dermatology and cosmetology across India. Being a conglomerate and having diversified interest in infrastructure and hospitality. LASKIN today boasts of the only setup in India, which benchmarks innovative global standards with the state of the art facilities and equipment’s.

At present LASKIN has its flagship Center in Gurgaon as well as has its presence in hospitals across India. LASKIN brings together a team of highly qualified doctors, Skin Physicians and specialist, making it one of the largest private practices in India. La Skin’s invaluable experience while functioning at leading hospitals in India has gained them trust and goodwill of numerous customers.



Recently LASKIN has tied up Saket City Hospital and Paras Hospital, Delhi and are all set with their dermatology centers at these reputed hospitals.

Being a completely Doctor Driven facility, they ensure a complete wellness and Holistic approach in their services. LASKIN is all about recreating the aesthetics of your body, mind and inner self.


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  1. Subha natarajan says:

    So true!!! I myself use a lot of home remedies and very few commercial products suited to my skin type and age. Helps maintain my skin as is…

  2. ROBERT LEE says:

    Never forget the most important thing of all. OPTIMAL nutrition.

  3. Joanna says:

    I’ve read that olive oil is also very good for your skin, especially your face. I use it for my hair, once a week, and indeed it makes it shinier and it is straightens the roots.

  4. charity says:

    I totally agree. But I guess for most women nowadays would rather be healthy overall than just focus on the physique side. When I started writing for a number of beauty and fashion websites and I learned that women are much rather worried about the unhealthy effects of the most embarrassing skincare and body odour issues. Sleep is very important and choosing the proper food intake too, but I, myself, can’t even keep up with it.

  5. Swayam Tiwari says:

    Confidence is the best substance to tone up one’s skin,I think.And, love manifests itself as healthy and glowing skin.

  6. Raffa says:

    I think that the main tip for the health of your skin is: we are what we eat, ALWAYS. The water thing, is a no no for me. I need a double cleans everynight to be clea of acne. But again, if I don’t eat properly, I’m going to have a break out for sure.

  7. Dorothy Mae C. Torretijo says:

    Thank you so much for posting this. A great and helpful post indeed.

  8. Charu -KetchupMoms says:

    Good food is vital too. Bad oil shows up as pimples faster than you even realize.

  9. Nurse Alpha says:

    Hydration is always key to perfect skin 🙂 Good post!

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