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Know What Your Shades Talk


Love Raised me , Lipstick Saved me”

It’s a grand story of every woman. Whenever we choose an outfit, we pick our Lipstick shades accordingly and its our personal sense of style off course!

But ever thought that your Lipstick Shades talk about you as well?


MOODmatcher Lipstick

To give you a quick insight , Our Lipstick shades talk louder about our fashion traits. Fashion for most of us is nothing but the outfits that we really wear. If we look through the broader definition of Fashion, it’s a symbol of all the recreation of things in our daily lives. From Clothing to Hairdo to Makeup to Food to Footwear and what not!


Know your intellect ahead with your fashion and Lipstick shades … Check what your Shades Talk about your Moods <3


  • Pink Lipstick : You’re a Universal LOVER. Yes, its a quieter shade of the Red Family. You’re full of Self-Worth, Tenderness, Innocence as well as Acceptance.

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    • Brown/ Taupe Lipstick: Wholesome, Warm and Comfortable, you have a benchmark set for yourself as being the dependable, genuine and natural with the traditional earthy color.



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Just have Fun. Smile and keep putting on LIPSTICK



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