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It’s Mothers Day 2015


With mother’s day just around the corner, some may wonder, why we have a day dedicated to them. After all, being a mother is not a rare thing. Almost every woman can become an mother. And most of them probably will be sometime in their lives. But if we wanted to paint the picture of what makes a good mother special, we could never fit the answer in a few lines. Maybe, not even in an entire book.

Believe it or not they are nearly magical creatures. They may go beyond human strength and endurance the sake of their children. Mothers consist of a bundle of strong and definite emotions that sometimes defy all reason.

So this is for all the mothers out there, who wake up two hours before they have to go to work, to get their children ready for school on time.

It goes out to the mothers who stay up during the night to care for their crying baby.

The ones who scold their children when they are being bad. And when their children cry, for being yelled at, they can not help them selves and they rush to give them a warm hug and a sweet kiss.

It’s for the ones who, after ten hours of work, stay awake to do the laundry so that their children will always wear clean clothes.

The ones who attend all the school plays, and cry every time their child’s line comes up

Those who make up fairy tales to tell their kids before bed. Because they have already told all the others at least twice.

For the mothers who always smile when they see their children return from school.

For the mothers who, while holding their newborns, imagine their first bike, their first school back and the day they will go of to college.

For the mothers who sat down patiently while their child was trying to tie the shoelaces for the sixth time.

For the mothers who slept in their child’s room the first night he or she left for college.

For the mothers who raised children that were not even their own.

For the mothers who made the Halloween costumes because they had to be perfect for their.

For the mothers who bought their children a second ice cream when they dropped their first because they just could not stand to see them all sad.

For the mothers who get out the front door and wait because they can feel that their child is returning home.

For the mothers who work all day long, but still manage to find the strength to play hide and seek with their children when they return home.

For the mother who decorated their child’s room and kept changing it, simply to make it as beautiful as possible.

For the mothers who stay awake until their children return from that party, and them pretend to be asleep so that she won’t make them feel bad for keeping her awake.

For the mothers who shed tears just in the idea that their child might go astray.

For the mothers whose heart feel like it’s going to jump out of their body until they their children return safe and sound after they drive the car alone for the first time.

For the mothers who always chase their children with a jacket in their hands, begging them to wear it because it could get cold outside.

For the mothers who will always thing that their child is the smartest one in class and then most beautiful.

For the mothers who will always know better than their children, and will remind them that all the time. But they will never say ”I told you so”.

For the mothers who raise their children as singles and try to make sure that they will never feel empty.

For the mothers who accepted their children being different.

For the mothers who will always call their middle-aged children their little babies.

For the mothers who will stay quiet while in pain so that they won’t worry their children.

For the mothers who will always say that ”no one else will ever love you as much as I do” but will be in full bliss when their children find that one special in their lives that will make them happy.

And finally for the mother who, regardless who their children might be, will give their lives for them in a heartbeat.

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