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Instagram Boosting Tips


Instagram Tips

1. Presentation: #1 Point to keep in mind is the presentation of your Profile. Please remember that Instagram is more of a visual delight and WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU “FOLLOW” here! Keep adding the Correct Pictures with correct Filter that makes your post look appealing. (Just a few Taps and you’re good to go!) SNAP A PERFECT PHOTO

2. Describe: If a Picture is worth a thousand words, words do speak louder when described. Whenever you post something, Make use of the description box generously. Description has to be in sync with your picture and it should be long (We are bloggers and we need to influence people) and describing something is our STRENGTH. YOUR TEXT EXPLAINS YOUR IMAGE


3. Hashtags: Today’s Clear story is the HASHTAG STORY. Hashtags on Instagram play a very important role. (Like on any other social medium). Use as many hashtags as you can (RELATED TO THE POST). Eg: You put up a travel post, you can use Hashtags like those of “ #TravelGram , #Travel , #TravelDiaries “ etc. These are the common ones. Further I’ll describe three categories of Hashtags

a. Overused Hashtags: It’s not advisable to use the overused hashtags much. This will make your post go all lost among the hub of instagrammers. REMEMBER WE ARE HERE TO GET NOTICED (SMARTLY!)

b. Good to Go Hashtags: Various hashtags that are being used in a medium frequency are the best hashtags that you can use. These are easy to find and you can create them easily as well. 

c. New Hashtags: This is the most talked about question, “Shall we use a new hashtag?, will it be of any worth?” Well, yes! The best strategy is to create a new hashtag. Eg: I tend to hashtag “ #CapersRouge “ on all my Instagram posts. Say my portal goes up with the rankings or someone searches for me on instagram, then I am all easy to find in this vast ocean of pictures. Quick Tip here will be that you hashtag that one particular tag (any of your choice) in all your pictures. YOU WANT TO DOMINATE THE FUTURE

d. Hashtag Style: This is Simple , add what you feel but it should be the KISS Concept (Keep it Short and Simple). If you wish to reach out to the wider audiences use SIMPLE yet SHORT hashtags. Simple and short hashtags are most searched and are easy to find. (Eg: search the hashtag #BeautifulEyes , you’ll see it’s Short, simple and you’ll see too many posts) the agenda here is to make you reach out to the wider audiences 

4. Hashtag Tools: NOT EVERYONE WILL TELL YOU THE RIGHT TOOLS AND THE FREE ONE’S! If in doubt you can check these tools to know the best of your hashtags : “HASHTAGIFY” IS THE TOOL for hashtag research. Another is “top-hashtags.com” .Most amazing PAID HASHTAG TOOL is “Hashtracking.com”

5. Hashtag Abbreviation check: In case you don’t understand some short hashtags For eg: #OOTD , many of us don’t know it means “Outfit Of the Day” (I BELONG TO THE SAME CATEGORY, I NEVER KNEW THIS ABBREVIATION). You can simply check for your abbreviations at “TagDef.com”

6. SAVE Hashtags for FUTURE: There are a few hashtags that we use very frequently, You may save them in the “Notes Section” of your phone (Who needs to type it all the time?) JUST COPY AND PASTE 

7. Keep a Personal Touch: Interact with your audiences, be it via PICTURES, DESCRIPTION or even on your COMMENTING BOX. Take Selfies and SELF PORTRAITS … (Love the Camera and let it love you back) 😉

8. Explore: This option comes with a “Magnifying Glass” symbol on instagram. It’s highly recommended that you EXPLORE and FOLLOW to keep up with the latest trends. (It’s not bad to be FOLLOWING others when you yourself want people to FOLLOW you to keep up with the latest trends) IT’S A GIVE AND TAKE

9. Like Others: Search for ONE hashtag everyday (that has to be your hashtag research for the day). You’ll get through many profiles and you can start liking the pictures that interest you. It’s a cross-marketing quotient gambling! (They might return back to like your pictures as well). 

10. DETOX: This is the most important aspect. Make sure you CLEAR THE TRASH. Keep checking your INSTAGRAM POSTS MONTHLY and clean up to make your profile look presentable. (REMEMBER WHAT I SAID, WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU “FOLLOW). Another Detox has to be your FOLLOWERS and FOLLOWING List. Yes, this is important! CLEAR UP WITH THE FOLLOWING LIST of people who do not interest you. And in case anyone is spamming you on your profile (negatively) that can affect your brand (IGNORE ELSE REMOVE THEM FROM YOUR FOLLOWERS LIST) You don’t want to look bad!  


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