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How To Keep Your Lips Soft

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There is a reason why every woman carries a large bag with her all the time. Cosmetics are most essential to every woman. Lip balms, lip colors and tube are a must. But what do you do when your lips are flake and dry? Here are some advises that will give you the soft lustful lips that you wish for.

  1. Brush your lips

Same as your skin, your lips need to be taken care of as well. Dead skin cells and flakes appear on you lips as well therefore dry brushing them is a great way to remove all those unnecessary stuff. You can use a toothbrush or an unused mascara brush after you clean it. Dip the brush in some moisturizing lip balm and start scrubbing up and down in circular motions in the same way you brush your teeth. After you’ve brushed your lips and have removed everything use a soft tissue to get rid of all the leftover residue from the lip balm. Apart from lip balm you can use petroleum jelly, olive oil, coconut oil or any other product of your choice to exfoliate your lips. Before you clean up your lips with the tissue leave the product on for about twenty to thirty minutes for perfect moisture.


  1. Don’t discolor your lips

There are many things that can cause discoloring to your lips. Hormones, smoking and dark lipsticks are some of those things. Luckily there is something you can do. Simply make a concoction of lemon and honey or use some carrot juice to brighten your lips. To make the juice simply put some grated carrots it the blender and then strain the juice. Keep it in the fridge and after a few hours apply it on your lips using soft tissue or cotton balls. Then let the juice dry natural.


  1. Lip Scrub

You can find lip scrubs at any body shop or super market. There are many different brands. All you need is to find the right one for you. Scrubbing your lips will result to softer and kiss-ready pucker straight away.


If you do not wish though to use chemical on your lips you can always brew your own concoction of brown sugar at home. It does not cost that much and it will give you great results.

(DIY Checks)

All you have to do is take ΒΌ cup of any oil and 1 cup of brown sugar. Try adding a few drops of orange, lemon or any juice of your preference for extra flavor. Use it once or twice a week and store it in room temperature.

You can do the same with some honey. Mix it with some olive oil and white sugar. If the concoction is thick stick it in the microwave for a while stir it and apply.


  1. Plum your Lips Naturally

Cinnamon. The spice that can give you the beautiful lips you’ve always wanted without using chemicals or spending a fortune buying all those expensive products.

Take some lip balm and apply a thin layer on your lips. Take some pieces of cinnamon and make it into a powder. Mix with some petroleum jelly or an essential oil of your pleasure and it over your lips using your fingers. While the cinnamon granules brush your lips you should feel a slight tingling sensation and will see a bit of redness as well. Once you have applied the mix let it sit for a minute or two and then wipe it of with a soft tissue. Apply the soothing lip balm again and have the lips you always wanted.


  1. Say goodbye to boils and zits

Zits and boils are the worse. They are painful and can make you feel so embarrassed going out in public. Worry not because there is a solution for that as well. Take an un-coated Aspirin with a few drops of water. When the pill begins to dissolve use a spoon to make it into a tick paste. Apply the paste on the boils and zits and wait for fifteen to twenty minutes before you wipe it off. The zits and boils will disappear in no time!


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