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Guppy By Ai


If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.


As the name itself suggests Guppy means to be Happy

Ambiance : Chic and colorful , Guppy will make you smile and keep you all gloomy right from its entrance. It just transforms your bad day within a few seconds to make you feel happy on a good life. Dim lighted along with the authentic Japanese motifs at its interiors will woo your mind. 


Music: Although I don’t understand Japanese but all I can say is that Guppy has created the track list of Japanese music very carefully and you’ll simply enjoy the musical feel. 

Cuisine and Concept: Japanese on food , the place is a fine dine Japanese experience. 


What we ordered? 
Food is a happy business and Guppy is a perfect example to give you the explanation right here. 

1. Mulled Wine: also termed as the Malt Wine, this is a Japanese styled wine that is brewed at a correct temperature with spices like star annese, cinnamon and so much more. Unlike the usual wines, this wine is served hot. Yes you heard me right , it’s served HOT! And tastes yummiest till the heat drops down to the room temperature. 


2. Cherishi Salad: I am not too fond of salads but for this one … This is the best salad I’ve ever had till date. With the goodness of prawns , leafy veggies and all colourful , the salad is topped with roasted sesame and flax seeds. 

3. Sushi: sushi preparation is what makes this dish talk louder when you pop the sushi rolls in your mouth. We had the Vegetarian as well as the Non Vegetarian Sushi rolls which were stuffed with the goodness of asparagus and all the happy ingredients within. To note , the sushi had no pungency and anyone can enjoy it.

Sushi Rolls

4. Chicken Soup: this comes from the hot pot food of the Japanese and the clear soup was a peace to sip. Garnished with chicken , mushroom and the holy superfoods , it’s extremely healthy unlike the usual soups that are being served at many outlets in Delhi. 


5. Pork Belly: if you’re a flexible non vegetarian then you ought to try this signature dish. Glazed with Soy Honey on top , the pork belly is crispy on the outside and super soft at the inside.

Guppy Signature Pork Belly (1)


6. Ramen Burger: Being a food enthusiast I always browse the Internet to discover the new and great recipes. I discovered about the Ramen Burger approximately an year ago and did give it a try. What kept me wondering then was “I wish someone prepared the Ramen Burgers in India” 

5 Mushroom Ramen Burger 4

And my wish came true when I spotted the Ramen burger on the Guppy Menu. 

So the highlight is that this burger has no buns. Yes it has no buns and the Ramen is the actual Bun for this delightful yummness. Stuffed with Chicken, leafy veggies , sauces and sunny side up, this dish has been prepared with the authentic ramen all the way from Japan. They do not use the usual Ramen that is available at the general stores. (You too may cross check to believe) 
It’s the Japanese preparation by the guidelines! 

5 Mashroom Ramen Burger 3

I will term this burger as the King of all burgers that are making rounds in India. The more i talk about the Ramen Burger, the less it is! 

We munched on to the healthy boiled beans with sea salt. So the waiting in between the meals was fun and super healthy ! 



1. Petite Four: as the name suggests it’s again a Japanese concept which says “Eat More but in less quantities” so we have the platter of four mini desserts here that will make your heart sugarush happily. 

Chocolate Cake,Fruit Yakitori,Green Tea Macroon ,Chocolate Fondant


2. Matcha Pudding: Matcha powder served in a custard form is fabulously yummy. You can’t stop binging in if you’re a green tea lover and matcha gives you that contentment. 


Highlight: Our favorite part was the heart making game that we played in between the meals while popping in the beans. You’ll love this heart making game and it’s a fun twister to your mood.

Go Guppy , Go Grazzzzyyy!

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