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Traditions and culture always keep people bounded to the roots of their land. It’s the Ethnicity that revives them and It’s the Clothing that make them look Class apart. One such Traditional attire in the Indian genre are the Anarkali suits.  Anarkali suits have been an originality not just for the Asians but it’s also said that such pieces were loved by the Romans during their time.

Tracing the Original Roots to Anarkali suits

Originated in South Asia, the attire of Anarkali suits has always been a huge hit for the various gatherings in Asia. One such country that loves the ethnicity of Suits is none other than India. This traditional outfit come in various styles and has been conceptualized very beautifully among the various category styles.

Taking a leap forward, the fashion of Anarkali suits has become a rage not just in India but around the globe. People have widely loved and accepted the Indian Traditional outfits and are always game to wear them in style. From usual Bindi’s to the Bangles now people have also started to lay their hands on the Anarkali suits. Therefore, India is taking a leap forward not just with its Economy or Bollywood but the worldwide loved Traditions too.


Classifying the Trends

Anarkali suits are generally to be known as a women’s wear but you’ll be astonished to know that it can also be worn by Men too. For men this attire has been classified as the Salwar Qameez. Salwars are the Drawrs and Qameez is the Tunic long length Shirt. The outfit is so comfortable that if you visit or witness any of the Indian weddings ever , you’ll simply get to see men wearing the Salwar Qameez or the Sherwani’s which is again a variety in the similar category. That’s the very reason the textile market has more people coming and picking up Anarkali suits considering Fashion with comfort whole heartedly.

Coming on to Women, The trend of Anarkali suits has been a rage among women. Many women love to dress up traditionally. Sareees have been the perfect drapes but Salwar Suits have been the Comfort of all other outfits in the Fashion genre. Ranging from the Anarkali Suits to the Balouchi Suits women have a variety to enjoy when it comes to having their own trends in their very own way. Thus, all you need are the Anarkali suits to get started to be the fashionably YOU the way you are!

For both men and women now it’s this attire that can add a glam all together at any occasion or an event.


Unusual Facts about Anarkali suits

Going back to the roots of history, It was not just South Asian nations like India and Pakistan having the women love the Anarkali suits attire but it was something different. In India the Anarkali suits were primarily worn by the women of northern region of India (North India).

Punjab had a colorful vibe and still does where women used to and they still team up their salwar suits with the colorful dupattas and they prefer some embroidery too. The much loved Phulkari Dupatta is the Choice of every woman in Punjab and this certainly completes the ethnic style. Hence, it’s always a safe choice to grab your Anarkali suits when running out of time and you don’t have any outfit ready. Takes minimal time and keeps you all in your Comfort Zone.


This traditional attire is considered to be the conventional glance of grace by the masses. From the plethora of Styles, Fabrics, Colors and so much more even the designers have been experimenting with this outfit for over a decade now. And believe it or not but this is one such outfit that never goes out of fashion.


The Era of Mix n Match

Nowadays the Vogue combinations of “Mix n Match” have been deriving customers to pick their own choices of Salwar Suits Piece rather than getting the readymade outfit.

Say for example, If you are willing to go for a casual look, then you can pair it up with a  solid hued kind of a kurta combined with the nice printed salwar pants or the patiala pants.

Also, you can team up an embellished kurta along with a separate set of salwar pants to curate a fashionably contrasting style. This is one of the finest ways to create your new look with a new style and less expenditure off course!

If the vogue mix of salwar kameez is not what you’re eying for then simply keep it simple by picking your Salwar Suits Piece for a short kurta along with a monochromatic patiala salwar pants piece. This is one dress code that college girls adore. Remember Kareena Kapoor’s look in Jab We Met?  That’s what college girls usually prefer when pairing up the long body hugging shirts or kurtas along with the solid hued cotton patiala or harem pants.

All thanks to the handloom industry for coming out with such beautiful prints each time and reviving the strength of fashion!


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