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Your Body is not a temple, It is an amusement park , So keep eating and Enjoy the Ride”  

Food and Coffee Conversations are the best catch up when you have to meet your loved one’s. Single this Valentines ? Off course you have your Friends to celebrate with.

New Delhi, Saket has come up with a Lush green and Wooden concept where no one could have ever imagined the Vibe of Hauz Khas Village. It’s none other than Locale Cafe & Bar.



Set up with a wooden furnishing, the place is quirky  along with the graffiti on the walls. Giving you all the refreshing vibe of a Vintage Library ,  One can enjoy the place for food, Coffee as well as Sheesha Evenings!  The Graffiti is a different idea altogether in a place like PVR Saket where you often can’t think of something like HKV (Haus Khas Village) happening. It’s unusually catchy with the lush greens at the outer arena.



Cuisine Concept

Coming with the concept of World Cuisines , Locale cafe and Bar is however similar but different with the recipes they are serving! From the mouthwatering Dishes to the beverages , this new little cocoon certainly knows the art to capture the way through hearts. Let’s take you to what we had and why we loved it!


  1. Tom Yum Soup (Vegetarian): Starting our Lunch with the Tom Yum soup, this soup is all about the goodness of basil drenched in tomatoes. This broth based soup is an excellent choice to start with and is a blend to heaven. A perfect combination of the 3 “S” Sweet, Sour & Spicy. 


  1. Thai Chicken Salad with Water Chestnut: Mint, Basil, Red Chilies, Lemongrass and a handful of goodness defines the Thai chicken salad here. This marshy salad is a yummness with creamy chicken and the crunchy bites of the water chestnut. To be noted, water chestnuts are considered to be among the main ingredients in countries like Thailand due to the tropical weather

  2. Mojito Fruit Salad: With the colorful fruits, this salad is a cocktail flavored one and is certainly for the exotic fruit lovers.


  1. Achari Soy Chaap Tikka:  Soya being the new king for the veggies from quite sometime has been a preference to many.The Chaap was soft and a wholesome meal in itself. The texture was perfect and a lovely delicacy too!

  2. Mushroom Corn Cigars: Akin to the spring rolls, these are filled with the gooey cheese, minced mushrooms and corn off course. The flavors simply melt in the mouth and it rocks it with the “Crispy on the outside and softer at the inside

  3.  Water Chestnut Spring Rolls:  The usual F&B Industry has been doing rounds with the Chinese spring rolls since the 90’s and finally comes a game changer when you get something different at the heart of New Delhi. These spring rolls were crunchy yet refreshing. HOW? Water chestnuts are crunchy and the overpowering Lemongrass rules to refresh your senses. 

  4. Loaded Nachos (Vegetarian):  The concept of Baked Mozzarella Cheese with Nachos is overloaded and is a perfect pick if you’re out to chit chat over at Locale. The chopped spring onions, Jalapeno’s, Tomatoes and other herbs are a Hit


  5. Bread Rolled Prawn with Sweet n Chilli Sauce: Prawns with a pungent aroma is not what many of us like when having the cuisine. This whole new bread rolls served with the sweet n chilli sauce are lovely. To highlight, the prawns DO NOT have any pungent aroma here. You’ll certainly like them. 

  6. Mutton Koobideh with Pomegranate Glaze: When you read the name of the dish how did this sound? Your brain freezed and your mouth started watering , Right?  It’s exactly what you need to witness, take a look …

  7. Fish Vepudu: This is a fusion food. Many of you who do not know this recipe is a South Indian styled Fish. If you love Curry Leaves  then this is your pick. However, we feel it could have been a little better considering the fish has to be tender and not stiff. Therefore, the fish was a little over fried according to us. You can certainly take your own call as well all have different tastes.

  8. Dahi Kebabs: Because most of us love it, this one again could have been better. Too much of Garam Masala overpowered the mint. However, we would say sometimes it can be a bad dish day and it’s always good to give a benefit of doubt.



  9. Cheesy Mushroom Ragout with Jalapeno Corn Rise: One word “Savour” and the picture is worth a thousand words, come have a glimpse of it ..

  10. Smoked Steak of Chicken with creamy corn and Pepper Pilaf : This was Sinfully Peppery !  Creamy , oozy , gooey and FORK LICKING ! 

  11. Exotic Vegetables with Basil and Chili Coat served with Garlic Fried Rice:   Blanched vegetables with the right spices made our day. It’s not easy to get the right taste but Locale nailed it with this one. *applause*

  12. Achari Bharwa Aloo with Rice Baby Naan : Coated with the potato stripes on the outside and pickle in the inside, the dish can be better if stuffed with the acahri gram flour filling. Otherwise it was decent but the curry should be appreciated for the consistency.

  13. Chicken Tikka Masala with rise and Lachha Parantha : Every Indian at heart is a Paratha and Chicken Tikka Junkie be it any getogether or any occasion. The chicken tikka here was a Masala Ride which was awesome!


Now this is relish, sip , nip , swollow , gulp, saccharine … nomnomomnom …. 

  1.  Sizzling Walnut Brownie with Ice Cream:  This is not a usual browine with chocolate sauce and some vanilla scoop , Locale  is speaking out and breaking all the barriers. It’s Sizzling up with the CARAMEL SAUCE DRIZZLE 

  2. Tiramisu:  This Italian dessert is a Rich treat of cocoa and espresso with savory mascarpone cheese and wine, layered with lady finger biscuits. The very name is an Italian phrase which means “Make me Happy / Take me to Heaven”. This shutterbug had Rum and Kahlua as the essence to heavenly happiness. This one’s is a Steal and is the BEST TIRAMISU IN NEW DELHI.

Special Highlight’s at Locale:
1. TIRAMISU is your GOAL
2. SOUPS are your SOUL
4. MAINS are what you can’t MISS
Our Rating: 4.3/5
Meal For 2: 2000 /- INR
Address:  17, 2nd Floor, Community Centre Saket 
Let’s Rouge Up!

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  1. I am so heading for this place within this month. It looks beautiful. The setting, the food yum yum.
    Are children allowed here?

  2. prerna sinha says:

    Yummy. ..yum..yum. The food is absolutely ravishing ????. Why is this place not in Mumbai?

  3. Hauz Khas Village is an amazing place and is more like bohemia than anything else.I shall definitely try out this new binging place for my love of coffee.Great read, Sheetal and even greater presentation!

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