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Give him kisses that he will never forget


Make him fall in love with you…. 

The one thing that ever girl out their dreams is to make sure that she will be with the man that you have always wanted. There is nothing more amazing for a woman than to find the perfect man and to know that he loves her just as much, if not more. However, you cannot possibly hope to dazzle the man by not doing absolutely anything. Sure, you might have a wonderful personality, you might actually be a very beautiful woman however, you’re going to have to give him a few reasons to stay.


Personality plays an important role

Of course, being a good person and making sure that you will continue having your amazing personality is a must. You need to be the person that he fell in love with. You cannot change and hope that he’s going to accept it. Think about it like this. If he changes to something that you do not like are you going to want to continue being with him? The answer of course is quite obvious.


However, for women, making sure that you will keep your man close is actually much easier. Men are actually having a much harder time. But for women it is all about the right way to play the game. Using your body is one of the ways for you to keep your man. But using your mouth is much more effective. We are talking about kissing, of course.


Your kisses can change your relationship

The way you are going to kiss your man could actually determine whether he’s going to want to stay with you or not. You are going to have to give him a really good kiss simply to get him to think about it all day long. However, you cannot hope that with just one type of kiss he’s going to stick around forever. You’re going to have to learn a few tricks. Not just for his satisfaction of course. For yours as well.

Let’s start off simple. A simple brush on his lips every now and then is going to give him the shivers. It is going to show him that you want him and that you are willing to do anything to satisfy him. Yes, by simple brush on the lips.

After the branch you can of course continue into something deeper. French kissing is definitely a great way for you to go. Just allow your tongues to do the work. Be gentle but at the same time be passionate. Wrap your hands around his head and get him closer. Show that you want him. As soon as you feel his hands tightening around your waist you know that you are doing a good job.


Play on your simple kisses to bring you closer

The breathing kiss is a wonderful technique as well. While you are kissing him exhale while he inhales. This swapping of breaths is actually going to be a wonderful turn on. A little tip here. If you’re out of breath while you are kissing him, break the case but do not break the contact. Keep your head on his and ask him for a few seconds. Tell him that he’s taking your breath away and that you need to catch it back. We can guarantee that he’s never going to forget that.

While you are in a more intimate moment you can of course apply the technique of the body case. The technique is quite simple. Gently but seductively start kissing him all over the place. Be a bit more persistent in the places where you know he will not be able to resist your kisses. Make sure that you will give him everything he wants.

The Hickey kisses are also very popular. Many women consider this as branding their man. Other women just want to do it in the tension of the hour. Whichever the case, just a little bit of pain could actually be wonderful and a real turn on.

Of course, the biting kiss is for the very intense moments. When you both are ready to become one kissing on the lips and bite him softly. This is basically going to show him that you are ready.



If you take some time to think about it you did not use your body or your personality to bring all those things to him. It was simply the way you are kissing him. And of course, our last advice when it comes to kissing is this. Take his head on your hands look him in the eyes, whispered to him that you love him and then give him the sweetest kiss you have ever given him. Your man is going to be yours from that point after. No woman is ever going to be able to take him away from you. And that is simply because of the fact that for him there will be no better woman.

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