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Garam Dharam: Dhaba te Theka


Good Food and Good Life… goes traditional and gives a good vibe.

We Indians are crazy foodie’s and will always stay tied to the roots of our motherland. Not just Indians but the Internationally Indian Cuisine is a rave that everyone’s going gaga about.

Seems like this is a traditional week going on… ! We covered Shades Of India as an ethnic brand for apparels and now on a high demand we are here to give you all the chit bit bites about this Desi, Bollywood Style Indian Dine-in.

We reviewed “Garam Dharam” Dhaba this week!

For those who have been hearing out the name and not too familiar with the place, it’s a Bollywood Themed restaurant specifically revolving around the Bollywood Icon, Dharmender. It’s a place that a person of every age would love to enjoy. From the person of the 20’s to those of the 90’s , this dine-in makes us proud to be an Indian who has an Iconic man like Dharam Paaji reviving the Desi-ness for over a decade now.


What we ordered?

Starting with the food junction, the place is a great highway on the DHABA PLATE. Typical cutlery like glasses and the plates as those of the dhaba. To mention, they have added a little fusion to the cutlery  by adding the fork and knife too! (But the Desi Charts are still topping)


  1. Vegetarian Platter :
    The platter had varieties like those of the Grilled Ananas (Pineapple), Soya Chaap, Paneer, Mushroom etc. Our favorite pick on the veg platter is the Tandoori Paneer that has a great marination and therfore it get’s a plus point from us.

  1. Non Vegetarian Platter:
    A delightful delicacy this platter has Tandoori chicken, Afghani Chicken, Fish fry, Seekh Kebab and what not. sounds very much mouthwatering, isn’t it? Our drooling pick is the the Tandoori Chicken which is SO PUNJABI STYLE!

  1. Mocktails:
    Now if you ask us what’s so impressive about this place? OUR PICK ARE THE MOCKTAILS. Branded with drink labels these have the quirky bottles, quirky labels and quirky names… SO MUCH QUIRK! Retro things like, “Veeru Ki Gutti” , “Pyare Mohan Ki Mast Item” , “Paan Gulabo” and ” Chulbuli” wooed us not just with the names but with their tastes as well. From Cardamom to lemon to beetle nuts to rose to very ingridient that refines Desi Vibes of India has been used in these drinks.

  1. Main Course:
    Again a Vegetarian and a Non Vegetarian Thali, they have catered the menu from the authentic Cholle to the  Daal Makhni, Butter Chicken, Mutton and all the delicacies with Chapati. Our favorite Bread in the main course was the Butter Garlic Naan (You’ll LOVE IT!)

  1. Desserts:
    Since we have already mentioned they are going all HAPPY DESI, desserts too are our favorite picks after the mocktails. Unlike restaurants who say that they are Indian but still serve you brownies, Garam Dharam rejects the Brownies and rejoices the Gulab Jamuns, Moong Daal Ka Halwa and all the Indian sweet delicacies.

To the people who are still wondering about Alcohol, yes they serve alcohol too!


You can check the Garam Dharam Launch Details  to know more about the Music and Interiors/ ambiance

Our Rating: 4/5

Location: M-16, Ground Floor, Outer Circle, Connaught Place, New Delhi

Special Highlights:

  1. Mocktails
  2. Indian Breads
  3. Desserts


Till then Do the “Garam Dharam” , and Let’s Rouge Up to the Desi Vibes!

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