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FYND : Fashion For the Now Generation

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I move to FYND and choose

Fashion fades and time too! If you’re running late for a party and it’s your office hours that are binding you from shopping the same day then you need not worry. GO FYND!


FYND? Yes, Fynd is a new revolutionary app that provides you with a range of Basic as well as premium wear.



  1. Super-fast Delivery: Fynd delivers you at your doorstep within 4 hours of the Order placing Time (You Decide your Time)
  2. Fynd-A-Fit* : You can order 2 Sizes and not just 1 (Get your perfect fit anywhere via FYND , only on selected products)
  3. Fresh Fashion: You get all your Fashion deals the hyper-local way. (FYND Fashion)

We personally took a tour to the whole process and the process is commendable.

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Also, You simply can Follow the Brands for your daily Fashion Updates and they give you an option for “Lifetime Returns” too!



Earlier Shopping Online simply meant to wait for days and was all about Eazy Returns too! But with Fynd it has become easier not just with a days time , Infact a few hours time along with the Right Size Choices.

Our Verdict:
Fynd will Fynd you and you need to Fynd , Fynd Too! (Simply GO for it!)

Where to Download : Fynd Here! 

Our Rating: 5/5

Fashion Stock: 4/5

Go Fynding !


Let’s Rouge Up! 

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  1. Charu -KetchupMoms says:

    Intriguing how you youngsters are not just in sync with the latest fashion but even their providers. This FYND seems like it is building quite a following

  2. Monish says:

    This app is amazing. I have tried it once .Delivery is fast and vast options to choose from.

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