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Fresc Co. Review


“Food is not Rational… Food is Culture, Habit, Craving and Identity”

Post Shopping when you’re too exhausted all you need is a good meal! But when you get a buffet stack , it’s extraordinary , isn’t it ?

This time it was our Monsoon day out to explore our Landmark of Connaught Place. Finally we decided to head towards Fresc Co.


Located at the Heritage location of New Delhi, Connaught Place the place is a brilliant mix of the Green’s, the Blues and the Whites. Mediterranean with its Seating, the ambiance is a Beachy “Mix of Cool Vibrant” colors. The mystique wooded and slightly rugged tables can take your memory back to the beach houses that can put up a glinting smile in your eyes. Therefore, Mediterranean ambiance of a unique cultural heritage. Being both modern and pleasant they offer a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere to Casual diners.


Cuisine Style and Concept:

Fresc Co caters to the authentic recipes from the Mediterranean. From Barcelona to Park Central to Madrid to France to Southern Europe, they have all that you need. They have a Live-kitchen to showcase everything and anything.

To highlight a little about the cuisine ingredients, they majorly have Olive Oil, Chickpeas, Lentils, Rosemary , Basil, Cilantro , Thyme, Dill Leaves, Fennel etc.

Starting with the Salad Bar, they have varieties to offer. Ranging from Gorgeous Greek to Lime Grilled chicken salad, we liked the salads. especially the one’s that was prepared with the Legumes.

We always are on a hunting spree when it comes to the in-house sauces. The specialty of Fresc Co. is its Mustard sauce that is a wonder-blend and is served fresh.

The Appetizers are the easiest way to fill yourself up when going through a Buffet stack. Here we found options ike those of the Chicken Shawrama rolls, Falafel, Chicken Tart,  Crispy Fish balls, Shish Touk, Mezze Platter etc.



Each of them was average except the Falafel which was not even near to chewy. so a complete NO to the Falafel for that very day! (There’s always a bad day… and some things do go well too)


The A la carte range is full of Steamy super thin crusted Pizza’s, Pasta’s and Salads. The Pizza is the heart and soul of Fresc Co. It’s the best ever super-thin base that our team has ever tried at the charming city of New Delhi. You don’t believe us? TRY IT HERE

Next was the Grill Menu where we got all the chance to create our own combo’s. From Crumb Fried Fish to the Spanish Prawns, Lobsters etc. they have a variety. Marking it again as average this menu still has a lot to cover up in terms of the taste. (HONESTLY!)










The Main Course was not as commendable as expected. They served Mediterranean Rice among the given options and this had Garam Masala (Indian Spice Blend)…  Others like those of the Egg plant dishes were decent enough but not so appetizing. (This needs a MAJOR CHANGE)

Not to forget the Star of the show, our Drinks were slurpy and nice.Serving the general varieties of International Mocktails, Beers and Wines from Low to High Range for all the pockets, the pricing has been marked very strategically (And SENSIBLY)

What wooed our hearts was the Litchi Sangria that has perfectly diced pieces of Litchi that will slip into your mouth and are juicy! Another was the Red Wine (Sula) and the Italian Job.

Italian Job was again frizzy and nicely layered. just a little sugar syrup is to be taken care of.

My favourite here was the Desserts Section. If you have a sweetooth then this is the Place to be. A homely Caramel Custard, Blueberry Cheesecake and the Brownie’s are a must. They have the most different Chocolate Brownies and you just can’t Miss them.





Pricing for the Buffet

Vegetarian and Non Vegetarians , you both are finbally on a Varitey and an Equality roll 😉 !

The pricing is 1500/- INR per person.

Also you Can checkout the additional Menu attached Below for more details.

Fresc Co. Menu

Rating: 3.4/5



About Fresc Co – The Authentic Mediterranean Mood

Fresc Co was incepted in Barcelona in 1994, and leads a new trend of fusing eating with well-being. As an ardent supporter of healthy eating, Fresc Co brings you the best quality market-fresh ingredients and authentic recipes from the Mediterranean. In addition, the Mediterranean ambience of a unique cultural heritage adds to your dining experience. With special attention to seasonal products, we offer daily servings of elaborate salads soups, creams, pasta, pizza and second dishes. Fresc Co restaurants are both modern and pleasant, offering a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere to diners.


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