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Five Pepper Toast


Hey mates !  As promised , here I am with they super simply yet yummy “Five Pepper Toast” recipe. Here we go with the details 😛

Serves 1

Hands on Time: 3 Minutes

Total Time: 3 Minutes


2 Slices of Brown Bread / Multigrain Bread

3 Tablespoons of Mint Sauce

4 types of Bell Pepper Chopped (Red, Yellow, Green, Orange)

Black Pepper, grounded (this is the fifth pepper)

Pepper Cheese Spread (anyone that you LOVE)

Oregano flakes (as per taste)



1.Toast your bread slices for 30 seconds (crispy is what I Like)

2. Smear one slice with your mint sauce and another with your pepper cheese spread

3. Garnish the Raw bell pepper and oregano flake on the mint sauce toast and overlap the cheese toast on the same

4. You’re ready to hog ! NomNomNom…

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