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“First Love” Box : Review


Fun Vacation last week!

And a looming hangover 😉


Back home and I see a surprise on my bed waiting for me… Ohh certainly not my boyfriend but my “FIRST LOVE“. (Just Kidding!)

I started following them last month on Instagram (p.s their handle name is @firstlove0402 ). The very name “First Love” made me curious on how different this box has to be from the other boxes that are just starting up in the Indian Market. And it certainly did surpass all my expectations… I LOVE MY FIRST LOVE BOX 🙂

Just for 1500/- INR per month and worth every thing that’s all exclusive JUST FOR YOU

Now you know why you shall subscribe to this sleazy and sexy one, Right?

A Subscription box that is full of surprises and something that we all girls love to team up with (accessories ladies!)


So here is what I got in my First , First Love’s…. First edition box… (The May Month)

Excited main eddaa…. 😉

1) A  Personalized Letter <3


2)  A scarf of my Fav color “Blue” (I refuse to share with my little sis 😉 ).

3)  A super duper trooper cute photo frame, Making me miss my childhood days. 🙂


4)  An organic Perfume (Ittar)- I Love to be Desi. p.s a floral and tangy fragrance WOW! *glinting eyes”

5) A Bronze bracelet (How do they know I love the Chic Look… the bronze never goes out of fashion)

6) Crazy Hair Bows (I cant miss this for my rain dance parties this Summer… glee)

7) 5 funky pair of junky cool earrings (My week is on a Rock n Roll).

8)  A Neck piece… So Cool ! My sister already has snatched it away from me… Phewww 😐

9) The Earrings complimenting the neck piece … I love baby purple too <3

10) MOST IMPORTANT: “The Heart Shaped FIRST LOVE BOX” it’s so velvety 🙂

This box has been curated with love for all the girls who’s First Love has always been about herself, her beauty, her charm and all that you would want to count in my ladies!








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