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#FeelTheHeat with #FameStars: Efforts Do Count


Sand and Sun …. Summer has begun!

Summer Madness, the hustle bustle in the city, those moving cars , streets filled with people , so much heat and dust … *coughs* Summer’s have finally arrived.

Ever thought how life could have been had we been in their place …. as the street vendors and not sitting in an air conditioned comfort space sipping a Watermelon Punch Mocktail?

What if we were to be living the life that they are living ? The weather , the slowdown of the market and so much more… Can we really handle the toll ?


Hour of Fame Exchange

Just imagine if you were asked to be a fruit seller or maybe a florist in this scorching heat … would you dare to take up the challenge?

This Thanks Giving Week by the Fame Stars has proven to be a fruitful one. Stepping out of their comfort zone, many fame stars decided to live the life of Exchange for an hour. And that’s how they learnt the value of the #GivingWeek !


Fame in 30 Minutes: Watch at the Stopover


What an amazing way to pay tribute to people who’ve been working so hard in the heat waves. We personally loved the gesture by the Fame Stars. It’s worth all the appreciation and applause !

They say “Every summer has its own story” … So this summer’s it’s the story of the Fame Stars making way through so many hearts.

#Feeltheheat with #famestars – #Giving week https://fame.live/vod/515484


Lesson we learnt from #FeelTheHeat by #FameStars #GivingWeek

It’s not just about spreading awareness on the current scenario but it’s about being human and joining hands for a better life.

Let’s be a part of the Giving Week in your own city and let the world know about the Warmth and Respect that every human deserves via the #FameApp !

#RespectAndSalute : You can simply create your own video as a “Thanks Giving Deed”  to these hard workers who work hard and earn little but live with level headed respect.


Remember … The Tans will fade but memories will last forever!  

Let’s Rouge Up to the Giving Week every Summers with Fame Stars!

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