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Faida.com : Instant Faida

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The Goal is FUN PROFITNot Weight Loss Always! 

Firstly we shall observe one minute of silence looking at our clothes which are not fitting us anymore. Next , let’s put up a smile and time to Buy , Sell and Exchange it all on Faida.com 


Story Begins …

Cleaning up the closet this season , we knew that this dress won’t fit any of us, therefore we had no one who could even fit into that Blue Skater Dress and that’s when we recalled a digital space that helped us sell our old furniture a few months back. That’s when we went back to get our very own Faida Online!


New is Always Better

While we browsed through , we realized that the concept earlier which was just about having your barter deal which now has been extended to wider horizons. And we Loved this concept even better than before.



We Followed these 4 simple steps to Sell off our Blue Skater Dress

  1. Listed
  2. Got in Touch
  3. Decided the Discounted Price
  4. SOLD


And earned some bucks to buy a New Outfit.


Thank’s to Faida.com for making things convenient. 

What Else Could be Your Faida?

Besides this you can also sell old mobile ,  used electronics for sale  , sell off your old refrigerator,  buy second hand books online and even the used gym equipment’s for sale.

So you can BUY , SELL , EXCHANGE  and most importantly AUCTION ! 

We have got our Faida , and you?



About Faida.com 

Faida.com is a Jaipur based start up that provides an online shopping experience on the unique concept of exchanging one good for another facilitating cashless transactions. The founders of the company,  Mr. Gaurav Jain and Mr. Vipul Paliwalare today’s entrepreneurs who wish to give their consumers a quality experience on the time they spend on their website. Faida.com was founded in the year 2015 with the vision to expand its horizon by launching their mobile app version as well in the coming times .

Let’s Rouge Up! 


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