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Faida.com : Barter At its Best (Review)

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I have come across many buying and selling websites.

Before we go ahead , let me highlight that I am reviewing Faida.com because I loved their Concept.

We all love Freebies and Giveaways, Isn’t it? What if you get all of it in REAL and not just in REEL? 

What if we did not have to wait to sell it and simply we could give it away with something that we wanted in return? You might be thinking who deals in Barter system like those of the Ancient and Vedic age? Faida.com does!


My Experience on “Happy Exchanging”

Barter in the Modern Era sounds just like it’s way too “Cool for School”. My experience was the same “Super-Uber-Shoober Cool“.

I love reading and have been craving to buy the Amazon Kindle E-book Reader Tablet from past few months. Due to my horrible saving habits (Spending habits..oomph) my finances were kinda taking me to be on hold to buy one. and one fine day when I start to browse various Online Selling Sites, I stumbled upon the domain named “Faida.com”.

The domain name itself caught all my attention and then their ultimate tagline which says “Bina Cash, Karo Aish!

I thought I anyways I am out of cash… how can i have that aish {Fun} (I am no Daler Mehndi Bro.. Sade naal rahoge tey aish karoge, zindagi dey sarey mazey cash karogey… LOL)

Well, on a serious note I started to browse and all I did was, I dropped a request to the Bartering Nominee. We discussed our deal further and all he wanted was an Iphone 4s .. Lucky me , I had to give it away and I got my Barter Partner.

This Cashless Transaction is not just a “Mango People” Savior but it’s a supercool idea for the school and college kids to exchange their stuff at NO COST

Iphone 4s was actually a Brand New Clutter that was just lying in a corner at my house since past 1 Week. Faida.com was a great help for me to give it away and also someone else got a chance to use and recycle the stuff.


Benefits For all

– Just Barter! No Purchase or Sale.

– Keep your Economy happy (Shared Economy)

– Get Reward Points and Badges too!

– Helping to build a healthy environment with the Recycle and Reuse Idea


About Faida.com (What I Browsed) 😉

Faida.com is a Jaipur based start up that provides an online shopping experience on the unique concept of exchanging one good for another facilitating cashless transactions. The founders of the company,  Mr. Gaurav Jain and Mr. Vipul Paliwal are today’s entrepreneurs who wish to give their consumers a quality experience on the time they spend on their website. Faida.com was founded in the year 2015 with the vision to expand its horizon by launching their mobile app version as well in the coming times .


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