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Eat Healthier Without Having To Cook

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We live in a fast paced world and we don’t always have the time to cook a proper and healthy dinner. Not to mention that after getting home from a long day at work, the last thing that you have the strength to do is to get in the kitchen and spend at least half an hour preparing something.
Usually, we end up either making a sandwich or ordering pizza (oh the sinful calories). However, there are plenty of other options. Food that you don’t need to prepare and is always there to substitute any take out. Although some may appear strange to eat raw, they are a lot healthier and nutritious when raw than when cooked. In fact, it is common knowledge that fruits and vegetables lose some or all of their nutrient value depending on how you cook them.
So here is a list of things you can eat until you are full, never worrying about calories or wasting time to make a dinner.


1. Any kind of fruit

Simple go ahead and fill your entire basket with your favorite fruits and berries. When raw, they are filled to the brim with fibers and vitamins that your body needs. Think of how much vitamin C and A, and potassium is in there.
If you want to spice things up, you can always just chop a few of them up and either make a fruit salad or add yogurt. Healthy, fast and sweet enough for any sweet tooth. What is not to like?



2. Crispy and leafy lettuce

Base your salad on any kind of lettuce and let your imagination roam wild. Add anything you like to the mix and you instantly have a healthy and filling meal.
Some lettuce, a little vinegar, olive oil, cucumber, tomato, salt and pepper and you are set. And that is only one choice. Next time you are at a farmers market pick a few different vegetables, even different kinds of lettuce, and experiment when you get hungry.



3. Tuber vegetables

This type of vegetables include all those that grow underground like roots. Because they grow like roots, they gather and store all the nutrients from the soil around them. Of course some of them, like for example potatoes you cannot eat them raw. But other options include carrots or radish. Great snacks to eat raw and fast enough to prepare. Usually all you have to do is to wash them thoroughly. Worst case scenario, they need a little peeling.
Best thing about them? Many people forget how tasty and fitting they are when included raw in a salad of any kind. Another great addition to your daily diet.


4. Nuts and seeds

We all have eaten sunflower seeds or almonds. But did you know that apart from being a great snack to pass your time, you can add them in salads? Even the ones that are usually inside shells, a lot of stores are selling them already cleaned.
Some of the options include pistachios, cashews, pumpkin seeds, pecans and flax seeds. Almost each and every one of them can be used as an ingredient for a salad and they all have a different flavor and texture to add.



5. The rich avocados

A fruit that has more potassium than a banana, loaded with antioxidants and fibers, and 20 different vitamins and minerals. That is one amazing thing to eat raw. The only downside is, they are heavier in calories compared to other fruits and vegetables. So keep that in mind before you start eating them like there is no tomorrow.
However, when in decent moderation, they are more than enough to keep you full. Great choice to eat either raw or as an ingredient in a salad. And yes, there are more things you can make with them than guacamole.




6. Tasty and exotic coconuts

Now here is something that is usually very underrated. You can find them almost in every supermarket and at a decent price too.
Simply crack it open and all the rich and tasty flesh is yours. Not to mention that the coconut’s “milk” is very hydrating and filled with electrolytes that your body wants for a greater health.



7. Chocolate bars with raw cacao

Yep, your eyes don’t deceive you. Eating chocolate is healthier and has less calories than you would think. All you have to do is to simply get them raw and not cooked. Those with raw cacao are something that you can include, without fear, in your daily raw diet.



Keep it in reasonable moderation, and your body and skin will be thankful.

Wanted to change your daily habits and have something tasty and healthy as a fast alternative? You are welcome.
Keep in mind that there other plenty of other options available and you can always mix things up and combine things in this list or anything else you want. There are choices for every taste and need.


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