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Don’t Just Whisper , Say it Out Loud… “Periods”

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Breaking the habit from the social norms, women are getting health conscious in this fast life. So Ladies, when was the last that you were too buoyant with your Menstrual Cycle saying “Hello” to you?

Alright! We all know that periods are NORMAL, but how many of us consider periods to be HEALTHY? Ever wondered?

PERIODS ARE HEALTHY and so is menstruating!

I come across many Men , who are too reserved to discuss about periods. In fact, we WOMEN do not give periods a prestige and rather hide it like it’s a crime!

It’s time we break the Taboo and know that if a woman is not menstruating, it is a sign of concern, a cause to raise, a vision to change!

Women not menstruating IS AN UNHEALTHY SIGN … (Not my lovely Mommies to be) and having periods is certainly HEALTHY!

You don’t believe it? I’ll tell you how to sync in and know why getting with your periods is ROYALTY !


  • It’s your Monthly Rejuvenation 🙂

Your Body is the only place that you have to live in. When it’s about your cycles, think your body to be an epitome and your periods to be the personal keeper of your body. Your helper comes in and helps you clean your home helping you lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases, stroke as well as Alzheimer’s. It helps you to throw out that unnecessary Iron and kill out the bad boys (bacterium’s) from your tender Reproductive System.

  • Your Body Sync’s in the Positivity Zone

Have you even noticed that a super thin girl is fighting with the problem of irregular periods? So is an obese woman! Having irregular periods is not just because you’re too fat! Your periods are a nature’s way to embrace you with happiness that tells you , “Hey Lady, You’re Healthy”.

Many of us hide about our irregular periods, but… CHECK CHECK! Mark it on your HEALTH LIST! See a doctor and get healthy. (Don’t feel ashamed, feel concerned)

Your weight plays an important role to tell you that your body is actually in sync with the nature. Not too fat and not too skinny, i.e. perfect body is the one that has regular cycle always (That’s what the nature has to intimidate you with).

Therefore, eat clean and eat healthy! To diet is not to stop eating but to stop giving your body the energy that it needs to clean up the bacteria from your reproductive system during your periods.

Diet is all about eating everything in a right manner.

  • Happiness is the key to a Long Life

The Myth is that “Periods makes your lifespan shorter”… LOL! Really?

Research says that periods are the main cause for a woman’s healthy body and her longer life span.

I remember the part of the Novel of Paulo Coelho’s, “The Alchemist”, where the protagonist thought that she was to die when she started bleeding! (It’s all in the tales and we need to step out with the FACTS)

You must feel blessed and stop cursing yourself because we don’t have to go though the OVERDOSE of Iron in our body. Our cycles are there to take care of it and flush them out every month! (Come on… Men do not get this royal treatment  😉 )


Your period Aunt is really sexy so you better treat her with some yummy love!

Go periods, get bleeding … and BE PROUD to say, YOU’RE HEALTHY GIRL!


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Sheetal is a happy go lucky girl who loves to explore new things. She's been a writer for more than seven years and is a social media addict. Besides Social Media Marketing she loves to take up art and singing for her leisure time!


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