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DIY Multani Mitti Soap

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Feed your Skin to the Fullers Earth !

Guess what has been on our mind all this while! A DIY that is supercool , gives you a Desi Vibe , yet so different.

Like many other Products available in the market , Multani Mitti Soap has also come up in the beauty stash. But as we all say , “It’s all about the Handmade and Homemade stuff”


Earth Fuller's

Earth Fuller’s


This is a cold processed soap DIY, one of a kind! 

Cheesozzzz….It’s been long we posted a DIY for our Girlies and on a special request we thought to cover this one.



DIY Multani Mitti Cold Processed Soap


What you need

1. Glycerin soap ( Pears is easily available)

Pears Pure & Gentle Soap Bar, 3 x 125g

2. Multani Mitti – 2 tbsp

3. Tea tree Oil – 4 to 5 Drops

4. Sugar and Oats to add as a scrub


5. Bowls to double boil


6. A setting Mould

Let’s go and explore on how to make this one at home.
1. STEP 1: Melt your Glycerin soap in a Double Boiler. Off Course this can be done in the Microwave but this will leave the fragrance of your glycerine soap in the microwave for a longer time. And you surly don’t wish to hog the soapy part!

2. STEP 2: Add a few drops of Tea Tree oil and mix the molten soap until it turns out to be a homogeneous mixture.

3. STEP 3: Add your Multani Mitti , sugar, oats and 2 tablespoon of Jasmine oil and mix it as quick as you can. Make sure No lumps are formed.

P.s The Sugar and Oats are going to act like a body energising scrub

4. STEP 4: Grease the Mould with a little olive oil and add the mixture to set in the refrigerator for next 30-45 minutes.

5. STEP 5: It’s time to take out the soap and  De-Mould it. Smell it and you’ll love the infused oils.
Bathe , Scrub , Feel Peace , Repeat ! 🙂



  • Known to fight the skin impurities and is a complete oil control agent, Fullers Earth comprises of supreme quality of natural minerals.
  • It not only battles against the acne and the oily skin but is a natural scrub to skin as it is naturally concentrated with minerals.
  • It works great and is truly a cold processed soap.

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