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Diwali Delight: Garden Torches


If you’re the Light, You cast away the Darkness

Holla Festive season!

This time We have got something amazing to get you all pumped up and get going for this #Diwali Festive Season. We got through these beautiful “Garden Torches” which are not just Classy but do a fair justice to the “Festival of Lights

Though we tested these during the Sunset hours , You can anyway imagine how beautiful they will look when you have them around during the Dark Hours. (Can’t wait for the #Diwali Night)

Specifications of the GT

Material: Iron
Quantity: Pack of 4 Torches
Torch can be used as: 44” Inches or 60” Inches
Recommended Oil: Deco Home Torch Oil, Paraffin Wax, Kerosene



We gave our urban garden a touch of tropical paradise in a very natural way. Now all we want to do is get going this Diwali season and make it Environment Friendly by using these super-hot Garden Torches by Deco Home.

These Garden Torches are not just for your garden but you can certainly use them by digging in the stand at your plants corner. Be it on your Roof Top or even your Balcony, The Deco Home Garden Torches are a safe deal to look forward this festivity.

Special Highlights

  1. Super Safe : Made with Fiber Glass wick and Powder coating
  2. Easy to Use: Simple screwing in the handles and the torch on top
  3. Easy Lighting: Just fill them up with non-combustible oil such as Citronella and Light it up
  4. Long Lasting: Lasts up to 12 hours (Then why go for candles this Diwali?)
  5. REUSABLE (What could be better than this?)


Where to Find?

Click here to get your Deco Home Garden Torches

Our Rating: 4.9/5


Get going for the #DiwaliMania this festive season and love the environment by garnering its beauty with the Deco Home Garden Torches

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