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DIVA Restaurant – WOW Tables (Review)


“An Authentic Experience can make your Day” It was a heated Sunny Day (Bad Heat) and I covered the Deco Window Exhibition. After a tiring time, when you step out, what do you need? A GOOD MEAL to pat yourself on the back!    We were in a mood for an Italian meal. Though we’ve had Pizza’s from Pizza Hut, this time we wanted to have a fine and authentic dine-in experience. Therefore, we decided to head towards Greater Kailash – 2 at the “DIVA Restaurant”. This was my very first time at the DIVA Authentic Dine-in. Before I give you the Review, let’s know a little about DIVA The DIVA Italian serves with the fine Signature Dishes by the renowned Chef Ritu Dalmia. This multiple-award-winning restaurant uses authentic ingredients, often flown in directly from Italy, to create modern Italian delicacies. From handmade dough to handpicked herbs – every ingredient is given a thought, making every dish special – be it an antipasti, entrée, main course or dessert!    THE DIVA ITALIAN EXPERIENCE Ambiance is a great Fine Dine-in with the peaceful colors of Green, Sunny Golden and Baby Brown. these WOW TABLES are dressed with the white sheet, Salt , Pepper  and olive oil container serves. (Olive Oil is an authentic Italian ingredient) For the serene Ambiance the rating will be 10/10.             Cuisines  Following were our picks  1. Mushroom Cigar Stuffed with a mushroom and  Pamesan Cheese , this Italian goodness was glazed with Balsamic Sauce. It is an enriched cheesy and a mouthwatering starter.  2. James Dear A Bread platter with Italian styled nachos and tomato sauce served with a pinch of rock salt.  Serving a pinch of rock salt is a tradition in Italy (for those who don’t know) The bread was glazed in butter and was filled with olives and jalapeños. The tomato sauce is a hit with simply diced tomatoes mixed with salt and olive oil.    3. Margarita Pizza with Basil Leaves Authentic thin crust and wooden baked Margarita pizza , garnished with Basil leaves on top! Scintillating aroma and a mouth melting taste.    4. All in chocolate (dessert)   When you get a platter of chocolate Mousse , chocolate brownie, crispy chocolate bytes and white chocolate … Glazed with a spicy chocolate too! Imagine what a wonderful moment it could be ! Just like you landed at Italy …       FINAL VERDICT  THE PICTURES ARE DELIGHTFUL ENOUGH  TO SAY IT ALL !  isn’t it ? It’s a bang on 10 on regards dart for these Signature  dishes by Ritu Dalmia. Don’t grab a bite , go hog a meal … Steal it !  Let’s Rouge up ! 

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