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DecoWindow.in : My Webstore Experience (Review)

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“Feeling like a BOSS”

Last week I mentioned about visiting the Ambiante Exhibition at New Delhi, Pragati Maidan.

After going through the Products of Decowindow.in , I ordered a few products and here is my web store experience that I would like to share with you.


The Outlay of the Website is simple and easy. When it comes to the product search, there are numerous search buttons and filters that are really helpful unlike a few web stores that are Cluttered in terms of the Navigation (I seriously don’t wish to name them)



From Rods, Curtain Accessories, Tie Backs to the new range of Automatic Curtain Rods, the web store has a grand range of products that will make you feel like a RICHIE RICH in just a little price. Say you can design the interiors of your 2 BHK in just 50K (Isn’t that so much on your savings to save more for your shopping?) 😛

IMG_6745Each piece is engineered for durability, functionality & aesthetics and together with Add on Rods; Special Brackets & Rings give you endless possibilities to indulge any design impulse

IMG_6748 IMG_6739



Deco window (www.decowindow.in ) is from the house of one of the largest exporters in India – Jayanita Exports and this is the reason why all the offerings are great in quality with some good value for money. You can choose from a great range of curtain rods online and even buy curtains online from their site. They even have a made-to-order solution for the curtains to suit the ranging sizes of your windows and doors. Deco Window offers wide-ranging window solutions for each and every Indian home. The range includes classic to modern profiles. Deco Window’s commitment to provide ‘Complete Window Solutions’ lies in our expertise to decorate your window in an affordable and user-friendly manner yet meeting the highest quality, which is their priority.


The web-store is Affordable, Trendy yet High quality.,… what else do you need? 🙂

Let’s Rouge Up Your Lifestyle the Deco Window way! 🙂

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