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Day saved with Peppertap

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We always have one bad day in our lives! (Many actually)

Today was my bad day.. *sob-sob-sob*

Let me give you the Highlights of the day

  1. *Day starts* Alaram Clock doesn’t ring! I Snooze my phone and sleep like a Crazy Moron
  2. Late for my Workout session
  3. Reach the Gym and your trainer punishes you with 500 squats for being late (Now I’m dying..literally)
  4. Time to drive and I push myself

What could be worse than this ? Gym, Pain, heating up sun and you’re dead on the Delhi Road!


Now the Climax.. *MOM-CALLS* “You better get the grocery on your way back… we have guests coming over tonight for dinner” and drops the call .. *Boommm*

Now she won’t listen to me and all I would do is get a mechanic and get the car fixed!

By the time I realized that I have a Grocer who can be a magic wand to me… who could that be ? *PEPPERTAP*



Yes, I ordered the complete Grocery & Staples and the complete Foodmart standing on the road while my mechanic was checking my car.


To my surprise , I gave an order at 12:30 pm via the Peppertap App and they delivered the very same day around 4:20 pm in the evening!


THE FUN PART: I’ve taught Mom the same trick… don’t switch on your YELLING tap… Just PEPPERTAP


And this is how “Peppertap” saved my day!

Keep Tapping with Peppertap…!

P.S The opinion and experience is true and genuinely shared by the author… to make you all realize “Technology saves time” 😉


For a Little Laughter *Evil-Grin*


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