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Culinary in COVID!

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Changing times, changing days and changing minds are the three factors we have been witnessing. Most of us have had a very hard time because of the COVID times.

Today I am here to share a fabulous news with ya’ll.

Like we all know with the recent Covid-19 outbreak many people in the hospitality industry have lost their jobs. Many of our friends are paid below minimum wage and rely on tips to make a living.

Food and fitness go hand in hand
If you are an aspiring chef or culinary student , its time to smile !
Here’s an awesome ingredient conversion tool that I want to share with you all today. Culinaryschools.org has come up with this amazing tool to help people familiarize themselves with cooking at home and promote a healthy living at the same time.
While you enjoy the Culinary Ingredient conversion tools you can use some of their health and fitness tools too.

Fun Factor!
If you’re someone who needs more than food and fitness, here’s the fun! Culinary schools has a fun gaming section where they offer a collection of culinary-related online games including some rather fun ones like Open Restaurant to help children get the idea of how hard culinary work is.

Thus, Family Time!

Please share this news generously and help as many people as you can. Its not just the time to quarantine but to build your health along with skill with this fun kinda conversion tool.

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