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Crazy Facts of 2015

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Capers Rouge

Sheetal is a happy go lucky girl who loves to explore new things. She's been a writer for more than seven years and is a social media addict. Besides Social Media Marketing she loves to take up art and singing for her leisure time!


  1. The more you know haha. Nice!

  2. ROBERT LEE says:

    As the title of the post says, crazy facts, and so are the facts you presented. Let me add one fact on top of one you featured to make crazy go CRAZY.

    Every hour, we do no replace ONE BILLION CELLS. Adults need to replace some 50 to 70 billion per day… at minimum, that is over TWO billion cells per hour!

    There, I made crazy crazier. And oh, above is a fact.

  3. Brandy Fournier says:

    Super amazing! esp point number 3

  4. Richard Bromley says:

    Woah ! i’m flabbergasted !

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