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Clean, Clear and Confident Ready Face

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Dear Pimples, if you need to live on my face , I need to see some rent

It’s season time when you have the wedding bells and so many gatherings around. Festivities with weddings and the all time be it during the cozy winters or the hot summers… every season make you go in a hush hush situation. Isn’t it?

These festivities around make us think just one thing on our bad skin days, “I need a clean and Clear face… that’s gorgeous … that’s ME

Pretty ME , Confident ME

The word “ME” is often used to make you feel “Confident”.

Every season is truly the acne season that attacks your skin and your confidence too.

These bad skin days are when you need to knock those pimples away and get going with your simple yet gorgeous look.




When you count in your Top 5 Picks for a quick makeup then cleaning is the first step.


To clean is to be pretty!

We have some MUST HAVES that you must keep handy to BE ON THE GO.

Let’s take you to the TOP 5 PICKS for a quick Ready Face regime

  1. Clean Yourself: Clean and Clear Face wash is the first thing you need
  2. Moisturize: Clean and Clear Moisturizer (For best results)
  3. Kohl up : Let your eyes do all the talking with your Kajal that glides and some tinge of eye shadow. Do not forget your Mascara!
  4. Stain Your Lips: It’s the Lip stain season , DO NOT GLOSS. Simply add a Lip stain or a Color pop Lip Balm.
  5. Blush Out-Law: The best way to Fake up your natural make Up is to add a soft Blusher to your cheek bones.



Clean and Clear Face wash Review

Do you realize how confidently we gave you the 5 steps to quick and easy Ready Face make up tutorial? We neither included the concealer or even the primer! All because the super rich, foamy and skin hydrating Clean and Clear Facewash has won the TICK MARK on our list. We give this product a Green signal and yes, you’re good to go with this Ready Face secret!

To the teenagers who feel these ugly pimples are so much daunting, it’s time to change your facewash. Switch to clean and Clear face wash that gives you an 8 hour oil free skin and NO MORE STRUGGLING with your make-up coming off. YES, THE MAKE UP STAYS INTACT.

No more “Pimple embarrassments facing around” , stay empowered and make your clean and clear daily foaming facewash a ritual to be next to your bed.


Reasons why we recommend the Clean and Clear Face wash?

  1. Super foamy and easy clean with the gel formula.
  2. Leaves your skin with a supple and soft sensation lasts up to 3 hours (WE TESTED OURSELVES)
  3. Say goodbye to Dirt and Impurities
  4. Removes excessive oil to maintain the pH balance of your skin
  5. Get Clean! Get a READY FACE! Get Going!

Remember Girls, Clean and clear gives MORE POWER TO YOU with a ritual to make you look gorgeous. Do not feel stressed, just Clean and Clear and Take back the mirror with Ready Face.


Clean and Clear Mantra: Clean & Clear believes that beauty comes from being confident, comfortable and secure in your own skin. That is why the brand wants to introduce teenagers around the world to Ready Face, a concept that empowers you to channel your most courageous self– It can be a smile, a look, a gesture, or saying in front of the mirror that provides individuals with the confidence they need to take on everyday challenges

Rating: 4.8/5

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