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Fusion Lounge Sufi Night (Review)

Fusion Lounge Sufi Night (Review) »

27 Jun, 2015
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“Music and food with a perfect Ambience makes a perfect high”

Friday’s generally take us to the deep thoughts of a weekend bash.

Top 10 Summer Drinks

Top 10 Summer Drinks »

21 Jun, 2015
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1. Layered Blue Lagoon <3

2. Layered Apple Lemon Kooler

3. Mango Slush


Pizza Hut Ultimate Twist Pizza (Review)

Pizza Hut Ultimate Twist Pizza (Review) »

15 Jun, 2015
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“I never met a pizza like you before”  I mumbled after I gobbled up the new Ultimate Twist Pizza at Pizza hut this Saturday

Molecular Drinks at Barcelos (Review)

Molecular Drinks at Barcelos (Review) »

12 Jun, 2015
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“Drinks For Your Eyes” The food tasting at Barcelos forthe Molecular Drinks has proved it all right for their newly launched Molecular Drinks. They

Paper Boat Drinks Review

Paper Boat Drinks Review »

10 Jun, 2015
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“Drinks and Memories” <3

The tagline has really touched down my soul since my lips touched the taste of my childhood days.


Maggie Noodles Alternatives

Maggie Noodles Alternatives »

7 Jun, 2015
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“Maggie in a Soup” … Too much of a headline of the past week! Oomph…!

While the whole nation is weeping over Maggie

Best Foods for Healthy Menses

Best Foods for Healthy Menses »

27 May, 2015
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Eat healthy and you won’t regret it!

For a woman, the arrival of her first period signifies her entrance to adulthood.

Mint Scrambled Egg

Mint Scrambled Egg »

27 May, 2015
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It’s a Minty Season and so are we Minting Health with the Mint Scrambled Egg

Hand on Time : 3 Minutes

Total Time

Mint French Toast

Mint French Toast »

27 May, 2015
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French Toast is the easiest and an all time edition of the seasons treat.

Hand on Time : 3 Minutes

Total Time :

Mango Scrambled Egg

Mango Scrambled Egg »

26 May, 2015
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Hand on Time : 4 Minutes

Total Time : 10 Minutes


2 Eggs

1 cup Castor Sugar

1/4 cup Milk

1 Cup