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Nuts about You …

Nuts about You … »

12 Aug, 2015
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“Nutty, Crunchy, Healthy and Juicy” our new favorite health pick is finally here as promised.

To start with: This post

Date and a Penthouse

Date and a Penthouse »

12 Aug, 2015
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“Do you ever wish you had a second chance to meet someone again for the first time ?” We did and it happened…!

Bliss @ Ambrosia Bliss

Bliss @ Ambrosia Bliss »

26 Jul, 2015
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There is no love sincerer than the love of food.” 

Don’t you think so?

Well, we do! <3 and every foodies does….


The Artful Baker : Signature Story

The Artful Baker : Signature Story »

24 Jul, 2015
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There are divisions between a culinary chef and a dessert chef, also called a pastry chef. There are specializations within the pastry chef

Ramadan Foodlog

Ramadan Foodlog »

18 Jul, 2015
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Eid Mubarak to all of you!

Staying as one entity we feel proud to be celebrating the festival. I would like

Thai Food Festival (NomNom)

Thai Food Festival (NomNom) »

16 Jul, 2015
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“Atithi Devo Bhava” 

Now that’s true Indian! The phrase in India Famously means “Guest is God”


Now that’s a very warm welcome

Decode Your Monsoon Self

Decode Your Monsoon Self »

12 Jul, 2015
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This Monsoon season we have too much of things hopping on our mine

– “Ohh.. I’m getting a bad hairfall… it’s soo damaged…

Maggie Is Safe

Maggie Is Safe »

1 Jul, 2015
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Doodle doo’s … Guess what’s the news Nestle Maggie is safe !

UK Food authority just declared Taft Maggie Noodles in India

DIVA Restaurant – WOW Tables  (Review)

DIVA Restaurant – WOW Tables (Review) »

30 Jun, 2015
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“An Authentic Experience can make your Day” It was a heated Sunny Day (Bad Heat) and I covered the Deco Window

Barcelos Red Burger (Review)

Barcelos Red Burger (Review) »

28 Jun, 2015
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“Don’t have a Crap attack , go make a Burger Attack”

Burger Obsession is on a high. But organic burgers are