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No Fuss Hairstyles to go with Your Face

No Fuss Hairstyles to go with Your Face »

20 Nov, 2015
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If you take a moment and think about yourself then you will find out that every now and then you yourself want to

DIY Multani Mitti Soap

DIY Multani Mitti Soap »

23 Aug, 2015
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Feed your Skin to the Fullers Earth !

Guess what has been on our mind all this while! A DIY that is supercool

Decode Your Monsoon Self

Decode Your Monsoon Self »

12 Jul, 2015
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This Monsoon season we have too much of things hopping on our mine

– “Ohh.. I’m getting a bad hairfall… it’s soo damaged…

DIY Frappuccino Face Mask

DIY Frappuccino Face Mask »

9 Jun, 2015
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Thank you for writing in with an overwhelming Response.

We are here to make you feel SOO GOOD with your own homemade Frappuccino

How To Keep Your Lips Soft

How To Keep Your Lips Soft »

29 May, 2015
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Beautiful lips for you

There is a reason why every woman carries a large bag with her all the time. Cosmetics

DIY Tips and Tricks 

DIY Tips and Tricks  »

17 May, 2015
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1. Whiten your teeth : say bye to the yellows

2. Remove your make up naturally

3. Treat Your