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Capers Rouge LOVES Capes


Design is a constant challenge to balance comfort with luxe, the practical with the desirable…


Capes have been considered among the fad deals over the period of time. But like we said , “Practical with the desirable” is what makes the right balance. We witnessed the Collection Preview of Kukoon The Label and have been going gaga all over the collection.

From the African to the monochrome to the bloc prints to the embellishments to the embroideries and what not? The Brand is just an year old and has been getting all the love and attention from the Bollywood Diva’s.


Let’s take a Sneak Peak


Reviving the style of the 1920 Kukoon has recreated the cape styles that come with the arm slit and is just like a coat.

2The brand uses materials like wool pashmina, cashmere, velvet and silk blends like dupion for winters.



Kukoon has a fetish for bugs and they are distinctive with the similar theme for each season. Means, a different bug to wear each season.



You can get YOUR Kukoon at Pernia’s Pop Up shop and Rock N Rolla.


A fun Fact before you finish , “Kukoon being a Cape Crusader has trademarked their CAPES…therefore, Capers Rouge LOVES Capes by Kukoon




Capers Rouge

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