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One thing that Leads to another everything is CONNECTED”

Connections and Networking is all about what we need in the 21st Century. Networks and connections are Right if they are filtered out to be at the right space in the right sense. This week we have a brand new outlet in store for you that will keep you all at haze on why its all about the “Connection“.

Introducing Public Connection that has recently come up in the Castle of the Capital, new Delhi , Connaught Place.



Let’s make you Network Through:-

Concept and Ambiance: The alive and Kicking Multi themed place is a retro Dim Light Dine-in that comes up with the Private Rooms with every theme. From Industrial theme to the Sports theme to Hollywood and the Luxe , this place has all the Private Dining Rooms for your connections!


Public Connection- Image 11

Public Connection- Image 3

The little elements digging in , you get the opportunity to explore all the connections that you would like to connect through. You can’t miss on to the Telephone Booths , Maps , Globes , the Terrace off course!

Public Connection- Image 5


Public Connection- Image 9

Public Connection- Image 2

Cuisine: A Multi-cuisine themed place, CPC is all about the Italian, Indian , Lebanese and so much more in the cuisine selections. Heading towards the Drinks concept , they live on to the Mixologies of the 21st century that shall leave you all amused.

Public Connection- Image 15



  1. Soya Seekh: Limited oil , a nice aroma of the spices , the Vegetarian option has taken above the usual Dahi kebabs and Paneer varieties. This one was fair enough.

  2. Paneer Chatpata Tikka: Melting in the mouth, this appetizer is every Indian’s favorite. But to give you a quick news, this one at the CPC has a different taste all together and we LOVED it!

  3. Assorted Hummus Platter: Indeed this is a usual option wherever you go nowadays but Public Connection gives you a variety of it. they have to serve you with a platter that has the best of the sauces. and We are too bingy when it comes to the yummiest of the sauces in town.. *Slurrrppp*

  4. Lasooni Malai Tikka: Right proportion of Garlic and cream, the Chicken was juicy and succulent. You just  need to eat your heart out for this one.

  5. Fish Fingers: The more we had appetizers we had much more to explore. The appetizers are just amazing at this place. Need of the hour was Fish when we wanted to test how could this place excel… and guess what ? THEY PASSED IT WITH FLYING COLORS. The Fish fingers were crispy and the oyster sauce was insane!


Chocolate and Hazelnut shake: With the Milk base , we feel the shake was average and we somehow like the chocolate hint in the shake.



Since appetizers filled us to the brim , we made a decision to munch on to the Penne Pesto and the pesto sauce is worth the *applause*.


Our Rating: 3.5 / 5

Special Note: This place looks to be very much promising and shall pick up as well. So do not miss out and do reach out to make your connections at the Public Connection


Address: F- 39-40, 1st & 2nd Floor, Inner Circle, Connaught Place, New Delhi

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