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Cafe Hawker’s


“Street Food I believe is the Salvation of Human Race”

When we say “Street Food” , we mean SUPER FOODS.

This month is really picking up with the finest of the places opening in New Delhi, India. The trend of street foods is coming back and restaurant era is boosting up with the Indian chows in their Meals.

This week has been a spectacular one. Update your notes and mark your days in your phone calendars. If you’re a food lover and you love street food to the core , then hey you food worshiper, we have a news for you! Cafe Hawker’s  has finally buzzed in place and it’s time you explore this quirky cafe.

Concept: As the word “Hawker’s” says it all here, the cafe is a place that has been themed exquisitely keeping in mind that is “all about Hawker’s” .



Ambiance : With the quirkiness around, the decor has all that is colourful.

From the Indian theme selections to that of the Paris, Cafe Hawkers has all that you would love to see reviving around you.

Innovative Rolling Pins Decor

The colorful cushions and the cartoon Windows , the cycle chairs like those of the hawkers in the streets of Paris and the grass decor tables! Such a vibrant ambiance !

                                                                                      Grass Mat beaded Tables
Music: The old themed retro tracks like those of MJ does all the justice to swirl up some more to the ambiance.


Food:  When you visit a place that is going to cater the streets in not just the ambiance but the food as well , you just know your taste very well.

Since we all have been born and bought up with the “Chirpy Streets” around in India, we know how dear our Vada Pao or our Chaat Papdi is to us.

We binged on to the following yummilicious Yankees:-

  1. Cous Cous Salad with Mint: This salad is super refreshing unlike the usual salads that are just like a diet bag for us. The added effect of them Mint leaves is what will keep your mood in sync.

2. Cycle Chaap Bambaiya Sandwich: We munched to the vegetarian bites for this one. This one comes down from the streets of Mumbai and is actually a sandwich that is being served by the cycle hawker there. Isn’t it cool to know your food so right ? We simply Loved this one!

3. Achari Cutlet Slider: Achar or Pickle is the main ingredient for Indians. It’s akin to a staple flavor that we have always welcomed with the tanginess in our mouth. The Achari Cutlet Slider comes with a tangy potato patty  squeezed in the buns along with some delightful Cherry Tomatoes and Potato Wedges.

4. Vada Pao: When its Vada Pao, it’s all about Bambai Meri Jaan! Vada Pao as cafe hawkers delicacy is a trail to begin with… A trail to cherish the city of Mumbai. They taste heavenly !

5. Chicken 65: Chicken Cooked in the South Indian style ! Sounds wired , right ? But the taste is ravishing ! Tossed with the “rayi and kadhi pata” the South Indian way , chicken 65 is a twist from the streets of south.

6. Spicy Cottage Cheese With Black Beans:  The combo of beans and paneer has been Desi at the streets and the Dhabas. This is the top pick on the menu and shall convert you into a Cottage Cheese worshiper.

7. Chatpati Kamal Kakdi ki Chaat: Chaat is the art of India. And so is this one. Crispy Kamal Kakdi tossed in the yogurt blends well with the garnished Sev and pomegranate rubies on top.

8. Prawn Tempura: The yummy tailed fish variant was served with the best ever garlic sauce we have ever tried till now. The garlic sauce adds the charm to the prawns in the platter.

9. Risotto Rice Balls: This ones the Boss of all. It’s a rice ball cutlet with olives on top. OUR PERSONAL RECOMMENDATION


Fruit Punch: the fruity feel and the shaky looks of this drink are more than enough to make you go all gaga over  the whole menu. We personally will suggest that this is the best Mocktail and you should certainly lay your hands on this whine when at Cafe Hawkers.


Brownie with Ice Cream is what they arranged for us. Since this outlet is very new , they are working very quickly to get the best dessert menu. But the brownie is quality and we must say , “What a sweet gesture”


Portions & Cost:A portion for one is equal to the portion of 3 people. The cost is fair enough. Therefore, so much in a little amount and you are filled to the brim.

Hospitality and Service: Quick and ON TIME.

Rating: 4.5/5


L-22 , Radial Road,

Near Odean Cinema,

Connaught  Place, New Delhi


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