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“Bulldogs” : Hauz Khaz Village (Review)


Dear Food, I still Fall for you Everyday” Originally by ME 😉

This one’s been waiting for long and since Diwali is around We feel you should know about the hottest of the places in town. Your friends and family are going to be all together too often, it’s better you start to shortlist a few places and Mark them on your List.



This Visit:

Our visit at the Bulldogs was all that one can always choose to visit when in a mood for a good food. From the ambiance to the mask to the food to the drinks and to the well lit up music , Bulldogs is a complete package!

Ambiance : Woody and Orange , this place has a nice and warm social ambiance. Well equipped with 2 floors , it has a different seating arena. 



Food: They have a lot to offer! But their major highlight are the Hot dogs that they are serving.




Veg Hot Dogs Platter


I am a hot dog hater but this place has got the right tactic to possess me with their flavors I guess
From Nachos to the Big Bad Dog to the chocolate hot dog , they know the art to keep it all on the platter ! (Super-Fine)


                                                                                           Big Bad Dog


                                                                                   Chicken Popcorn

                                                                                   Bulldogs Punch


                                                                               Jalapeno Poppers

                                                                                   Big Bad Dog

Drinks : My favorite pick is the watermelon punch in Mocktails. I’ve never had a better watermelon punch than the one Bulldogs is serving.  


Watermelon Punch

                              Watermelon Punch

In the cocktail menu , I loved the Coffee Martini ! Too good for the aroma to the senses and too amazing to give all the contentment to thy heart. 


Coffee Martini

                                              Coffee Martini




                                                                                      Icy Kahlua
                                                                                          Fresh n Up


Desserts : The desserts are a SUPERHIT. The whole new concept of Chocolate Dogs… “Famished”

                                                                  Choco Lava Cake with  Vanilla Ice Cream


Special Highlights:
1. The Market Crash game which gives you liquor at a cheaper price whenever the stock market crashes. (You need to go there to experience this… It’s way too exciting) 
2. The cute Bulldog Mask that keeps moving around to catch all the attention of the pretty ladies. 
3. Hot dogs that have different fillings inside and a different garnished filling on top with the tri Color Sauces!


                                                                                  Market Crash game 

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