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Bliss @ Ambrosia Bliss


There is no love sincerer than the love of food.” 

Don’t you think so?

Well, we do! <3 and every foodies does….

This weekend was much of a “Greasy Spoons Week” for us. We had the experience of the French Highway on our plate with “The Artful Baker” and later a Blissful Blaze to our taste buds at “Ambrosia Bliss


Located at the heart of Connought Place, New Delhi the restaurant is a Dubai-Delhi Chic feel with Golden , White and Reds…. <3

Ambrosia Bliss is a bold, beautiful and larger than life hospitality venture, Standing tall, with 15,000 sq. ft. of space in the heart and nerve center of Delhi; Connaught Place.

Boasting of three beautiful sun kissed terraces, an opulent and pristine dining area, a silent and state-of-the art conference room for all your important boardroom meetings, Uber chic bar with a stage that would stand host to beautiful artists and performers from around the globe, chefs so adept and seasoned that they literally flirt with food and service professionals who decided to come together especially to treat Delhi to real & responsible hospitality; Ambrosia Bliss is powered by the original spirit of hospitality and in that, it is unbeatable.

This naturally well lit place is a package of an ambiance. Stepping up from a well-done Lobby we came across three embodied Doors… now what are these three doors? A three combo ambiance. Who offers so much in abundance? “IMPRESSIVE….”


This is the main area that has been termed as “Ambrosia” itself it a large space that exhibits the finely selected Plush selection of Decor. Wrapped in a wonderful stellar Decor it’s a Sheer family Dine-in (and for your Dates too!) 😉

Not  only the Red and Golden chicness but also the glass beadedd curtains add an advantage to the ambiance of this central dome which is the perfect highlight.


Majorly designed for your private get together’s, this area is a Vintage Extravaganza exhibiting the Royal sassyness. Take a look…


No failing and just so eye catchy, the lounge area is a well lit dark dimmed and Chandelier’s all over will woo your heart. This area is named a “Bliss”. Which it truly is!

It’s a large night club kind of an area that is well equipped with music, light, sound and visuals too! (Bar not to be missed) … Way too beautiful to describe!


At a place with this Magnifique Decor, you’ll certainly expect the price range to be on a higher scale. We expected to same! But to our surprise the three Menu’s i.e Beverage, Food and , Desserts left us awestruck. The Menu gives you an array of options to choose from. Starting from the National to International meals they have Mughlai, Chinese, Lebanese, Pan-asaian and what not? Isn’t that like a surprise box being delivered at one PLATE ? You get to choose all according to your Mood! *Applause*

Marrying global standards to Indian hospitality is the philosophy behind Ambrosia Bliss, and that has been and will be the conscious thought behind, the smallest to largest of its elements. So we can finally say there is a “Dotting Wave of Bliss” that has landed in India.



Ambrosia Bliss – Food Menu


The ‘Ambrosia Bliss’ Phenomena : Great Food, Beautiful People, Brilliant Conversations, Super Drinks!



We tried Mock-tail’s  and here is they are:

1. Twist @ Bliss


With crushed Cranberries, Orange and Lemon, this Drink belongs to the “Citrus Family” of fruits. Tangy and Berrilicious, this is a great Mocktail to have with your meal.

2. So Called Apple


Green Apple with Cucumber… that’s a summer refresher and a chiller to feed your tongue and lips! Curated with the greens, the drink gives you a hint of soda that is good to DRINK ON…


1. Smoked Chicken & Quinoa


Toppled with diced Olives, Jalapenos, Onions, colored Bell Peppers, Quinoa, Chicken and Vinaigrette you’ll taste a hint of lemon too. A good salad to start with for the Non-Vegetarians.

2. Grapefruit and Crunchy Veggie


For the Vegetarian lovers, they have the exotica to serve you with. Grapefruit with Iceberg, Red Chilli’s, Soy Onions, Mint dressing and Spinach with baby tomatoes… Too exquisite !


1. Indian Vegetarian Platter


– Dahi Kebab : With Hung curd and Indian herbs

– Harra Kebab : With mashed Potato and Spinach

– Mushroom Galouti : This comes with a surprising Kesari Puff beneath

– Paneer Tikka : Crazy 3 layers inside the Paneer Tikka with Green, Yellow and Orange.

2. Indian Non Vegetarian Platter


–  Chicken Tikka

–  Afghani Chicken

–  Mutton Seekh Kebab

–  Kasundi Fish Tikka

All the above are succulent and Juicy… We loved the Chicken varieties personally.

3. International Veggie Platter


– Tex Mex Nachos

– Philadelphia Cheese Rolls : Cheesy and yummy

– Mushroom Nuggets : With the Oozing out Cheese from the middle

– Garlic Bread: Garnished with a different version of Mozzarella


1. Stir Fried Lemon Sole


Fish Chunks tossed with lemon sauce is tender and melts in the mouth.
2. Sole in Chilli and Mustard


This Sole fish dish is a Bengali and Chinese Fusion that is a jamming session in your mouth. Blend of a great saucy taste !


1. Spinach and Water Chestnut Dimsum


2. Crunchy Five

3. Veg Potsticker


They all are full of peanuts and are a delight to even look at !


Thick consistency, the sauces are finger-licking !

1. Tamarind Tofu Cups : With Fresh Chilli, Tofu Cubes, Tamarind Sauce and Galangal in a cup

2. Crispy Lotus Stem in Honey Chilli


1. Assorted Vegetables in Red Thai Curry : What a Blend of Coconut Milk, this is among the best one so far !


2. Assorted Vegetables in Massaman Curry

2. Grilled Sole with Charmoula Sauce : Amazing use of Lemongrass in the ingredient’s list


3. Steamed Rice: Simple as Home


4. Hakka Noodles


1. Sticky Toffee Pudding with Toffee Sauce

2. Molten Lava Cake

Final Verdict : 4.5 on 5 the place a must visit.

Marrying global standards to Indian hospitality is the philosophy behind Ambrosia Bliss, and that has been and will be the conscious thought behind, the smallest to largest of its elements. Do visit if you wish to experience Life in a Lifetime !

We loved their Hospitality too!


Meal for 2: Rs.1200 ++ (Without Alcohol)  & Rs.2200 ++ (with Alcohol)

Address:  Ambrosia Bliss: L – 51-54, Second Floor, Outer circle, Connaught Place, New Delhi-110001

Special Highlight :

 –  Ambrosia Bliss is the only restaurant in India to be awarded with three prestigious ISO certifications for Food safety, Environment and Management.

– This is a high respect organization that understands the importance of the contributions that have been made by its employees, vendors, guests, contemporaries, the society & the industry at large.

– Their CSR portfolio includes jobs for specially abled, Higher education for promising candidates & career guidance and experiential dining for the financially weak government school students.

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