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Bikini – Because you don’t Wear it, You Carry it!

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Summer time, best season of the year!

People put on their bathing suits and hit the pools and beaches. Everyone wants to look good and so do you. But even though you have found the perfect bathing suit and you just can’t wait to put it on you still feel a bit uncomfortable about your area down there.

The bikini area is the most important area for a woman and needs to be properly cared for in order to avoid the embarrassment you can feel when others might look at you. If you are not sure on “how to properly care” for your nether region here are a few tips to get you started.

  1. Trim

Regardless the method you use to remove the hair down there, you need to make sure that you avoid any unpleasant surprises such as cutting yourself. Trimming is of great importance in the caring process. Small grooming scissors are a must have equipment. You can get them at any body shop or super market and they are really cheap.

There are many different brands. You want to find the one best suited for you so don’t feel any sort of embarrassment while doing your research and always ask questions about the product you are about to by. Get your hair down about ¼ of an inch before you remove and you will be just fine.

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  1. Shave

After you trim the hair you move on to the next step. Removing the hair. If the method you choose to follow in order to remove the hair is to shave them, then there are a couple of things you must know. You should never try to shave anywhere and especially not there while your skin is dry because you will end up with bumps and cuts.

Try taking a shower first in order to soften the area. Then apply the shaving gel and shave along the direction of the growth. Some parts are more difficult to take care of so try to be creative, flexible but very, very careful.

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  1. Wax

Waxing is another way to go. You can always go to a professional at get your job done but it will cost and could be a bit embarrassing since many women do not feel very comfortable standing naked in front of strangers.

Why not try to do it yourself. You can get the kit you prefer and wax without the great loss of money or dignity. Just make sure that you are not allergic to the wax by trying it on a smaller area first.

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  1. Laser Hair Removal

More expensive that the methods above but much more efficient laser is the new way to remove hair. Research has shown that three out of five women nowadays choose laser therapy to deal with any hair problems they might have. Laser however can be a bit dangerous, especially if you have a sensitive skin. You need to make sure that you find the best place for you.

If you are going to spend all that money you might as well go for the place with the highest rate. You can get laser therapy from a doctor or a salon. As long as they are professionals and are approved, you have nothing to worry about. After all you deserve the best.

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  1. Hair Removal Cream

Shaving could leave you with a few cuts. Waxing and laser could be a bit painful. If you do not care for pain and you want to make sure your area is completely clean then you can always go for a hair removal cream. They are really easy to use.

All you have to do is apply the cream on the area you want and give it a little rub. Leave it there for a few minutes and then simply rub it off. These creams might not have the best scent but they are exactly what you need when you want a pain free and completely clean bikini area.

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  1. Alternatives

Although many women prefer to get rid of their hair down in order to feel more confident while at a pool or beach, there are women who do not want to remove the hair from their nether region. You could say that the hair are there for a reason do it’s best to leave them alone. If you are one of those women who prefer to be all natural down there but still want to wear your bathing suit and feel comfortable in it, then you can explore the alternative ways of enjoying yourself without worrying.

There are special made bathing suits whose design includes skirts that are attached to them. These kind of bathing suits are very stylish and can provide you with the cover you need. If you do not want to wear those tiny bikinis and have everyone looking at you then you don’t have to. And these bathing suits are the best solution for you!

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  1. Lotion

Regardless the method you use to remove the hair, at the end there is always the danger that you might end up with bumps, irritation and or a really annoying itch.

The solution to that problem is of course lotion. Scented or unscented there are many different brands of lotion that you can use at the end of the process in order to make sure that the area is well taken care of. There are also many razor bump creams you can use if you feel that a simple lotion is not working for you.

It is recommended however that you use unscented products. Scent on a product usually means chemical and if you are not one hundred per cent sure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients used to manufacture the lotion or cream of your choice then the least you can do is lower the odds of a reaction by choosing the product with as few “dangerous ingredients” as possible.

Again apply a small amount of the product somewhere else on your body to make sure that you are completely safe and allergy free.

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The TIME Tip

One last tip that not many women consider in time is TIME itself. Whether you choose to shave, wax, have a laser therapy or use a hair removal cream you always know that the hair will grow eventually. You need to make sure that you go through the process of removing the hair at a time that is right for you according to your plans.

Shave, Wax or Laser: what to choose?


If you are going to shave, you should do it the day before you wear your bikini and head to the beach. After shaving hair start to grow within a few hours. You do not want any unpleasant surprises if you go to the beach two or even three days after you’ve shaved.

Same goes for the waxing and the hair removal cream as well. It does of course take a few more days, even weeks at times, for the hair to start growing back, but you should always consider the possibility that you might not have access to a salon on your vacation, your very own personal kit for waxing or the hair removal cream of your preference.

When it comes to the laser therapy, we must note that it is the one way that makes the hair to take much longer before they start growing again. Approximate time is about fifty to sixty days before the hair starts appearing again at a much slower pace and many times they’re much thinner than before.

However, it must be noted that the dermatologists who also provide laser therapy, strongly recommend that if you are planning on removing hair via laser technology in order to be ready for the summer, you must absolutely do it at least a week before you start going out in the sun, and under no circumstances must you ever have laser therapy once you have already gotten a good old sun tan. The danger for your skin is rather high in this case.

A woman’s body is her temple

And it needs the best care. The skin, especially in that region, can be very sensitive. Make sure that you are very gentle when treating it. You will of course get used to the process of removing your hair eventually, and you will find the way that suits you the best after a few trials.

Research: One of the things you must absolutely remember is research. Taking care of the area down might be for looking good in your bikini but it must be done with absolute care. Do not feel bad about asking as many questions as possible in order for you to be fully aware of the product you are using (wax, cream) or the services that you are purchasing (salon, laser).


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Many women will take these tips in order to make this process better for them.

If you have any tips or ideas of your own that you have tested and do work, please share them with us. They will be much appreciated!

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