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Best Foods for Healthy Menses

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Eat healthy and you won’t regret it!

For a woman, the arrival of her first period signifies her entrance to adulthood. But unfair, as life is, when it comes to the cycle women can be categorized into two categories. There are the lucky once who experience almost no pain during their time of the month and there are those who sometimes can not even walk because of the pain and the cramps.


Beside the nature of the period it self, how can once a month ruin a woman’s day there are other factors that contribute to that experience that can sometimes be really frustrating. Daily stress, over exercising or too little exercising consumption of pills filled with chemicals such as birth control pills and several different foods that do not agree with the pain and the cramps. There are of course things we can do to change all that. Relax, exercise at a normal rate, try not to consume all those pills,, and of course start eating right in order to save yourself from having to take that trip to the gynecologist.

Even though most women do not know this having a healthy diet with food that help your organism run smoother can be of great help during your time of the month.

Healthy Period

Here are some some healthy foods you can start consuming for a smooth and pain free period:

  1. Dark Chocolate

Notice the word Dark in the title. It really means DARK CHOCOLATE. Dark chocolate contains flavonoids. Flavonoid is a substance responsible for the right circulation of blood as well as the release of the hormone dopamine which is also known as the ”feel good” hormone. Dark chocolate is not as fat free as many people think but if you stick to one square per day you should be just fine.


  1. Whole Grains

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and therefore should be a reach meal. But if, for breakfast, you are eating anything but whole grains, it is time for you to persuade yourself and make that switch.

Besides the fact that whole grains will help you with your period, it is the healthiest choice for a good breakfast. And you should always make the healthy choice. Daily consumption of whole grains will ensure the maintenance of the proper blood-sugar levels and will lead towards the hormone-correction all women need. Some whole grain foods you can consume are brown rice, barley, oats, brown bread etc.


  1. Fish

Filled with proteins fish are the perfect choice for a meal that will strengthen you up, balance your hormone levels and ensure the perfect function of your menstrual cycle. So try to add a meal consisting of fish at least once a week and wait for the miracle to happened.


  1. Fruits and Vegetables

There are so many good stuff in fresh fruits and vegetables that will help you during your time of the month, that we would need three more pages to right all of them.


They are filled with proteins and antioxidants that will definitely make those period cramps go away. And always remember FRESH.


  1. Sesame and Jaggery

One of the oldest recipes for menstrual cramps is a combination of jaggery, nuts and sesame seeds. These ingredients help with the hormone control. They contains acids that increase hormone production. With some variations the combination of those products will do wonders for you. Just make sure you consume them daily for a couple of weeks before your period.


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