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Bark On Barkery (Joey and Zoey’s Treat: Review)


A dog is a man’s best friend”

We have been hearing this quote since forever ! But ever wondered that even Dogs are warm hearted babies ?
For those who don’t know this , I am an animal lover 🙂

Last week I received the “Bark on Barkery” pupcakes by Nikki Kapoor. I was amazed to see all the details on how these fancy foods for the dogs , cats and horses are being prepared with all the nutrition and no sideffects.



To mention I don’t have a dog but I have two adopted dogs!  🙂


They are no beagles or Golden Retrever, but the usual stray dogs. And still they are family to me.

It’s been 5 years and so On…

INTRODUCING : “Joey and Zoey 🙂



So starting with the pictures for you to see how they wagged their tail, wooded and licked the Pupcakes and were so content … Here you go !

Zoey the Zarchery 


Joey the joyous
Thank You Bark on Barkery for making this Sunday a pleasant one for these little babies.


We all often think to buy one but wait … Ever heard “Love Thy Neighbour” ? Our neighbours are not just humans nor are they countries but the neighbourhood dogs too that carve for love and shelter.

let’s Rouge Up to be the best neighbours and not just best friends of these adorable dogs!  ❤️

Capers Rouge

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