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Aura By Gautam Vedi: Interview


“Marriages are made in heaven, but if not executed beautifully on Earth, it can be quite a disappointment.”

Here’s a tete-a-tete with luxury Wedding planner and interior decorator who promises to make every wedding unique and memorable. His esteemed guests include Bollywood actress Dia Mirza, Naomi Campbell etc.


1) What led to the inception of your company Aura ?
The desire to express his creativity (Mr Gautam Vedi’s) in an organized manner & great client response lead to the inception of – Aura.

2) What is the company policy and mantra at Aura ?
Our company’s mantra right from the very start which is more than fifteen years ago has been complete client satisfaction & our personal involvement in all projects.


3) What distinguishes you from the other leading names in the business ?

Our mantra actually distinguishes us  from our competitors !! What has been observed is that once an event company becomes sizable most of them are not able to devote personal attention to each project. Where in at Aura, in spite of  being recognized in the industry as one of the leading event decor stylists, we ensure than each project gets appropriate attention.


4) In what way is the client assured of a good concept stress free and more importantly a unique experience

At Aura a team of young creative minds is constantly evolving with new ideas in sync with global trends to ensure the clients get the best creatives.Our talented and skilled customer service department has various one point coordinators who are responsible for overseeing every project & ensuring that the clients have a stress free & unique experience.


5) What are the future high profile events Aura is proudly associated with where we can once again witness you weave your magic ?

We are amidst finalizing some high profile weddings in the near future. And as for the past, we have done enough high profile events that have been spoken about. Maharaja Gaj Singh’s sons wedding, Naomi campbell’s landmark celebration in Jodhpur, Mr Sanjiv Goenka’s various celebrations, Dia Mirza’s wedding are to name a few.



P.s: These questions were a response to our E-mail conversation. No Changes have been made. The words and thoughts are solely by the team of Aura.


Aura by Gautam Vedi is a name known for executing grand and lavish weddings and parties in India and Abroad. It is a luxury décor company that looks into unique concepts, magnificent set up and every minute detail for your special day to be.

Gautam Vedi, the man behind this magnificent company is an extremely creative personality and an inspiration to all the young entrepreneurs in this industry. His hard work,unique ideas and the zeal of providing the best to his customers has made Aura an eminent success. The pre-eminent quality of Gautam is his spirit to always try out of the box things and prompt his team to do the same, which make him an admirable entrepreneur and leader.

His Company Aura headed by Gautam & DIvya Vedi, is a renowned name in the event industry and has executed magnificent events and wedding functions for multiple celebrities like Diya Mirza, Naomi Campbell and others.

Aura’s USP lies in the fact that they look at a “One Point of Contact” for coordination thus relieving the wedding family from the stresses of multiple headers to pay attention to and giving them all the time they need to spend with their children before they move on into the next step of their new life.

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